Techie Thursday: The DELL Latitude 10, A Tablet For Business

I am very picky when it comes to choosing a gadget or mobile device. Friends around me — some of who happen to be working as a full-time gadget reviewers — always tell  me to take my time when considering buying a new gadget. There are three things that I have to consider before making any purchase: 1) utility, 2) spec-sheet, and 3) value for money. I always automatically look up the spec-sheet first before considering utility. And when it comes to value for money, well, as long as it has an awesome overall performance and is backed up by a powerful chip, I think money comes second. That, needs to change, my friend… :P

When it comes to buying a tablet, you need to know what you want to use it most for, because people have different needs: there are people who buy a tablet to accommodate their mobile entertainment needs, like watching videos, playing games, or messing around on social media platforms. But there are also people who want their tablet to help resolve work productivity and business management issues. The latter type will naturally need a different kind of tablet, one that’s built for business. Being in the market for this type of tablet myself, I decided to narrow my search and found the Dell Latitude 10, which seemed to suit my needs.

The Dell Latitude 10 is a Windows 8 tablet, powered by dual-core Intel Atom (Clover Trail) and coming with 32GB or 64GB SSD storage. Its design is very compact; I personally love the back, which is covered with a soft-touch material which is also slip-proof and easier to grip. The screen is constructed out of sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass, seamlessly covering the 10-inch IPS display with capacitive touch.

As a business tablet, productivity and security has become the main focus of the Dell Latitude 10. Dell understands the value of data to any company no matter how big or small, so it added security solutions from Intel Platform Trust Technology to help prevent data theft, detect malware, and user personalization with a  fingerprint-smart card reader. It is also equipped with a superb battery that lasts for 10 hours! The Dell Latitude 10 is the only tablet to date that has a removable battery, letting us stay connected with our business and work without having to worry about a dwindling battery capacity.

The Latitude 10 also comes equipped with full-on connectivity: a full USB port, SD card slot, and a mini HDMI port, which is really necessary when you do a lot of presentation to clients.  Mobile employees like us now can collaborate on the go, sharing data and everything else securely. By the time we get back to our office, all we have to do is connect the tablet to its dock, and voila! We are spoiled to enjoy a desktop-like experience. Very convenient indeed :)

I highly recommend the Dell Latitude 10 to people who are always on the go and need to stay connected to their colleagues, business, and work. Battery life is the highest among all tablets available today, and its being fully equipped with ports and peripherals options make it a true business tablet!