The Tent Dress: The Ideal Music Festival Outfit!

Music festivals are pretty big business in Jakarta, with plenty of different organizers bringing in multiple international headliners to play under one roof. While music festivals in Indonesia still have a long way to go before they reach the big-time glory of established shows like Coachella, Glastonbury, and Austin City Limits, we’ve got a pretty good start; and although there are only a few more months until the end of 2013, there are still a good handful of festivals we can already look forward to. Chief among these on my list is the Djakarta Warehouse Project, because I’m secretly stuck in 2001! But the ever-important question remains: what to wear, what to wear?

A few days ago, Ketupatkartini wrote about how Victoria Beckham’s favorite item from the S/S ’14 collection of her eponymous fashion line was the quilted tent dress. While technically a tent dress is basically any dress that tapers wide from the neck down, it got me thinking about a very loose-fitting dress I own from (X) S. M. L. that would work well in music festivals. This has quickly become one of my favorite wardrobe staples because it’s lightweight, airy, and (as you will see soon enough!)¬†versatile. What more can you want from a single outfit ¬†for a night of dancing?

The most obvious solution for adding a little definition to this dress is simply by wearing it with a belt. I prefer elastic wide belts over skinny ones just because they’re a lot more comfortable for sitting and dancing around in. The last thing anyone needs to worry about is sucking in their gut when they’re just trying to have a good time!

If you still want a cinched waist but don’t have a belt lying around, just grab the dress by its sides, fold the ends across your midsection, and secure into a knot. To add a bit of variety into the knot, try tying it on either the front or back of the dress and . You can even slip on a pair of leggings underneath and convert it into a top if you so wish!

But the simplest (and by far my favorite) form of of wearing this dress is to let it hang loose with a jacket; in this case, a biker jacket from H! by Henry Holland, currently on heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

Do you have an ever-ready go-to staple for dancing? Share it with us here and Clozette Daily!