Fit N Fab Diary: My Target Jeans

If you’re like me and are on the path of a Fit N Fab journey, then it’s a must to have that one pair of jeans that you can hardly squeeze into now but promise to fit into within the next couple of months! My target jeans are a pair that I bought from twenty8twelve three years ago. When I first bought them, I hadn’t even had my lunch and could barely button them up. I wore them once and they’ve been stored inside my closet ever since because I couldn’t fit into them after wearing them that one time. It’s a sad story because they weren’t exactly a cheap pair of jeans.

I began my Fit N Fab journey at the beginning of the year. I was two sizes bigger than I was three years ago when I bought those target jeans, and as I write about my journey so far, I can say that I am finally able to slip into the jeans! I couldn’t believe that after almost five months into the journey, I finally returned to the figure I had three years ago. It turned out to be quite a milestone, and those jeans have since served a new purpose on my journey.

Before I start writing all over the place, let’s stay on topic. So what about the jeans makes them such an important must-have in my Fit N Fab journey?

It serves as a milestone for me.

I got sidetracked for years and got even heavier when I was pregnant. It’s a scary ugly truth. I wanted to be able to get back into the shape that I was three years ago, a post-pregnancy figure that I’m quite happy with. Nothing too fancy or ambitious. If your milestone is to get to a certain figure, find a target that you can work with. If, for example, you’re trying to get two sizes or three sizes smaller than your current size, then go get an item in your target size and work your way until you would can comfortably slip into it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a jeans, so it could be any article of clothing. Vanya bought herself a lovely, sinfully pretty chiffon dress from Max Mara that she couldn’t even zip up when she first bought it; but as the months went by, she’s gone closer and closer to finally zipping up that dress. You see what I mean?

Makes you focus on your figure rather than numbers.

I don’t just starve myself to lose weight, since I actually cut my food intake to a reasonable amount and exercise twice a week. What does that tell me? That not only I will be losing weight, but I’m also (or should be!) gaining muscle mass along the way. I might be heavier in terms of weight, but what really matters is that I fit into the jeans no matter how much I weigh.

Helps to protect me from relapsing.

People usually monitor themselves and track their progress (or the lack of it) by getting on top of a scale. What’s more important is whether you have shed some fat, but since I don’t have a scale at my disposal, I trust my target jeans to keep me on point in terms of making progress. Once a week, I would wear the jeans and see if it still fits. If they still fit, that means it’s good news. It would be even better if one day, they fit looser than usual, regardless of weight.

I hope that sometime in the near future, these jeans will become obsolete because they has served they purpose. I’ve prepared another target attire when the jeans become¬†way too big for me.¬†Like I said, they doesn’t have to be jeans — they can be any type of attire that you want to visualise yourself wearing and feel good in. I am now in the race to fit my next target.

So that’s my trick in keeping myself in sync with my Fit N Fab journey. Do you have any that you want to share with us?