Lipstick Monday: Rouge Dior #766 Star Fuchsia

I briefly mentioned about a fuchsia craze sometime ago, and it seems to have continued. My mom went to Malaysia, and what better souvenirs to ask for than makeup? In all fairness, she had offered too :p

I wanted Dior lipsticks as I never really dabbled too deeply in them (I only have one Dior Addict and a discontinued Rouge Dior Creme de Gloss). But I know my mom and aunts are big fans: she still keeps these vintage Dior lipsticks and can’t bear to throw them away because of the posh casing.

Anyway, she couldn’t find all three shades that I wanted and came back with only one. I don’t mind :)

Rouge Dior #766 Star Fuchsia

I love the navy casing. It’s very refreshing to see other than the usual black or gold. With a silver accent added in, it makes the whole look luxuriously modern. It also has the signature Cannage print and the cleverly hidden ‘CD’ logo on top of the lipstick. In case you’re wondering, it’s not just another flat rectangular casing: the sides are actually slightly convex, so when you hold the lipstick, it has volume to it. It closes with a classic snap-click closure. I also like how it’s lightweight.

Star Fuchsia is beautiful warm pink fuchsia. It doesn’t look overly blue-toned. I think the warmth of the pink really tones it down, making it very wearable. It is still a bright lip color though, offering superbly rich pigmentation. It glides on the lips effortlessly, with a creaminess that is just right! It dries down to a satin finish, but the moisturizing formula is good on my dry lips.

I think this is the type of formula that people will reach for often, as it’s a classic go-to lipstick. It’s a nice break from these matte-finish offerings that every brand has been trying to push lately. My lips could use some happy neutral time.

Depending on your natural lip color and the lighting you’re standing in,┬áthe warm pink tone can come off as a deep pink. So I wouldn’t say this is a straight up, full-blown fuchsia — it’s quite a unique shade, actually.

Having tried this one, I am curious for another shade(s). I see some beautiful reds in the lineup, might have to pick one or two up to add into my collection.

Until next time :)