Recent Love: Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush

It all started with my search for the most suitable way to apply concealer on my under eye area. This has been one of my skin problems since–yes, numbers don’t lie–I turned 30 (there, I said it). The skin under my eyes has became thinner,therefore revealing more dark circles and vaguely visible veins that I want to conceal most of the time.

I used to apply my concealer with a standard concealer brush, the one with a sligtly pointed tip for precision application and firm, tapered bristles. Sometimes I even apply it with my ring finger, as suggested by many a makeup artist who consider it the ring with the lightest pressure for application on sensitive areas–but this would usually cause creasing over fine lines instead.

I accidentally found this YouTube video, titled 5 Ways to Apply Concealer by gossmakeupartist. One of the suggested techniques is to put the concealer under your eyes, extend it outward and upward (a la Kim Kardashian), and then blending it with a duo fibre brush. It seems to be a quicker application method with smoother results compared to my usual routine.


I tried it with my duo fibre brush, but apparently the diameter is too wide and the bristles not dense enough to be applied on my tiny eyes. While searching for a firmer and denser duo fibre, I found this Masami Shouko 319 flat top brush instead! The diameter and density of the bristles is just perfect.

This Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Synthetic Brush was meant for HD products and foundations. The bristles are short and very dense, but also very soft. I haven’t tried to apply foundation with¬†it–which would give an airbrushed look, according to some reviews–since I assumed it would be too stiff and give too much coverage if used as face brush. With a bristle diameter around 19 mm, it is considered smaller than the usual flat top brush.

Since using this as a concealer brush with my MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer, I found that it offers just the right size and density to cover my under (and around) eye areas. More importantly, my concealer doesn’t crease at my fine lines! It’s also easy for blending purposes, so I suggest to use a liquid concealer with this brush.

Curious enough to try on this flat top as a concealer brush? You can find it inn any Masami Shouko shop, or online here. It’s only IDR 88.900, quite a steal for something so useful!