You Are the Muse at Sebastian Gunawan 2014 Preview

The grand fashion show from Sebastian Gunawan marked the pre-launch of his prime 2014 collection under one glorious theme: MODMUSE. A muse plays an important role in helping ┬ámaterialize a fashion designer’s creativity and imagination. There have been timeless muses across time, with figures in pop culture and fashion history emerging and evolving to finally become ever-present icons standing in for respective eras. They held great sway over the fashion world with their signature style persona.

In the mainstream, muses refer to those whose strong character and originality gave them a persona that withstood the decay of time. To Sebastian Gunawan and his lifetime partner, Cristina Panarese, today’s muses are found within modern women who are open-mind to contemporary lifestyles and keen on fast-flowing information, acknowledging trends and being the muse of their own surroundings.

ModMuse identifies the modern woman with character, a good image, and who knows how to express herself while realizing what they truly want and staying true to originality. These idea deliver limitless inspiration for different characters and styles who imprint starkly different impressions.

So that’s how Seba celebrated his idea of the Modern Muse. I saw a series of perfectly exquisite and graceful images in a glamorous collection. The first sequence consisted of cocktail dresses in a harmonious azure, followed by orange and light gold in A-line silhouettes with ruffles. All that color was followed by a series of dresses that embodied bolder characters through rich sequins, sparkling ballgowns, and shift dresses.

A similar look in the next sequence saw strongly-constructed and  heavily-ornamented gowns, with meticulous details in their drapery and layers, something definitely far from ordinary. I see these as a single stream of muses, and an image of a woman popped up: impeccable, perfectly elegant, glowing.