My Secret for Improved, Supple Skin

Having problematic skin (since… I don’t know, two or three years ago) has been a quite a roller coaster ride.  There were days when my skin looked good, there were also days when my skin looked terrible.  I had my ups and downs.  My problem is acne, and it’s like an on again and off again relationship with your ex-boyfriend- when you’d separate only to get back together after a few months. The acne is gone then it re-appears again, making me feel like I’m on this tiring, never ending circle.

Acne definitely brings more problems to my skin.  I remember I had normal skin when I was still at school but now my skin type has changed.  I have oily combination skin which means in the middle of the day, I would get oily around my T-Zone, nose and forehead. My face would look so shiny and greasy.  When I was in a desperate state, I went to a beauty clinic to see a dermatologist.  My cousin had worse acne than mine and after going to see that dermatologist for 6 months, I could see some major improvement on her skin.  So I decided to go to the same dermatologist.  It worked, actually.  My acne have disappeared for a period of time, but my skin was very dry, thanks to those creams that my ex-dermatologist gave me.  At first, it was fine.  The “drying” process really meant to speed up the removal of acne. But one day, I really couldn’t stand the dry feeling on my face, my foundation looked cakey and patchy no matter how well I moisturized  my skin before that.  I couldn’t pull off the dewy-radiant skin that I like because my skin’s texture was not in a good condition.  That being said, I stopped everything I used.

I think all of you can guess the rest of the story.  Acne are popping out again, and my after I stopped using the dermatologist’s creams, my face produced oil way more than usual.  My skin changed drastically in a very short period of time- from dry to oily combination.  The list of my skin problems got longer: acne, oily combination skin, big pores.  Not to mention, my skin looked very dull as well. I’ve tried a lot of creams, I went to another dermatologist and went through the same process again, yet I have yet seen the improvement that I really want.  So I changed my priority.  Good texture first, then cure the acne later or probably the acne would vanish along the way if I cleanse my face the right way.

Deszell who’s familiar with my battle recommended the complete set of Lisciare skincare to me.  She said this complete set will help bring back the suppleness and elasticity of my skin.  She is a big fan of Menard products for years and after hearing her great experience with Menard products, I couldn’t seem to pass that.  If you know her, Deszell is definitely one of skincare gurus here in the Female Daily. :) Whatever she recommends, I dare myself to try.

If you’ve read my Joining the Double Cleansing Bandwagon article,  then you probably know the first couple of weeks after using the complete set religiously, I was a firm believer in the product right away.  I’m getting used to the double cleansing routine now, Lisciare Cleansing Cream and Washing Cream are definitely my favorite part of my bath time because these two products can remove my makeup easily.  Now, I’ve been using Lisciare skincare for two months, and I still love them to bits.  I can feel my skin texture is getting better and better and people around me have also noticed my skin’s improvement.  For a girl who loves to wear makeup, I’m so glad to see my foundation doesn’t look cakey anymore because my skin is well-hydrated and not too dry or too oily.

What I want to share is basically  using the right skincare according to your skin type (or skin problem).  For me, I want to improve my skin texture first because my skin worsened after trying out different types of creams from the dermatologist.  So what I’m looking for is to have healthy, radiant skin without going through the same unpleasant process.  And Lisciare products have been a tremendous help for me. They add water capacity that my skin needs and Lisciare Lotion and Lisciare Milk Lotion absorb quickly into the skin.  These products help me achieve a supple and improved texture of my skin, whereas Lisciare Cream provides hydration for my skin throughout the night.

If you want to know how to apply Lisciare products, read my previous article about Menard Skincare Class. I’ve also mentioned a brief description on each product.  This time, again, I can say I am pleased with my current skin and excited to see another improvement in the future. :)

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without Deszell sharing her experience to us.

I’m head over heels with Japanese Skincare as you’ve all probably noticed and one of my favourite line was the Menard Tsukika. So it was with much anticipation that I waited the arrival of their Lisciare line, that is deemed to be far more superior in terms of performance compared to the Tsukika line – which is a basic care, but of course it’s with double the price. What I love about Lisciare is the philosophy that our skin needs water in order for it to look supple and maintain its elasticity. Like any other Menard’s line, they consist of six products but the winner of it all for me is the lotion. When you talk about lotion here what the product supposed to do is to fill up our skin with water so it brings back the elasticity and suppleness to the skin. I used the Extra Moist for the lotion, emulsion and cream  – this is meant for those with dry and/or dehydrated skin. The lotion texture is a bit heavier than your normal lotion or toner, but it’s not at all sticky like a serum – it just has more weight to it. As soon as I apply the lotion to my skin with a cotton pad using technique shown at this video, it instantly brightens up my skin because it’s filled with water and it looks glowing without being  oily. Another thing that I love from this line is the Lisciare Cleansing Cream that turns from cream to oil in no time and able to remove my waterproof mascara.

Only in two weeks time I can see my skin glowing and healthy. And I also feel that it looks so squeaky clean! My surprise is that I could get my skin to look like this without even using a single serum. I usually mix up two serums to achieve this kind of look. The key is that I have a really good cleansing regimen by doing double cleansing by massaging it at night to give it extra suppleness and most importantly, well hydrated. The result? Even without using serum, my skin doesn’t look patchy or flaky at all, which is very uncommon. The texture of my skin bounces back easily when I touch it with my finger. So when your skin is well hydrated – it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to look shiny or oily, because mine doesn’t – only then the texture is at its best.


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