Lipstick Monday: Rouge Allure #102 Palpitante

I have a love-hate relationship with Chanel makeup products: I love their base and complexion products, but never had much luck with their lip products. I tried Rouge Coco a few times, and hated how they dried up my lips and made them looked moisture-deprived. Even the ever so popular Rouge Coco Shine did nothing for me. Bleh.

We at FD here love enabling each other, and more often than not, we indulge in the hot item on topic. One day, DesZell suggested that I try something from the Rouge Allure line, as it’s her favorite lipstick line from Chanel.

Obviously, being the one who so often gets sucked in with the word moisturizing, I caved in.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour #102 Palpitante

I think the packaging of Rouge Allure is quite nifty, even though it’s just encased in a simple black plastic square tube. But the cool factor came right at the moment I opened the box: once I flipped open the lid, the gold tube just popped right out, showing me the mechanism of this lipstick. Chanel did, of course, provide with instructions in case we missed the logic train.

Once the gold tube is out, it takes the usual twist and out comes the lovely bullet, engraved with its namesake brand. Pardon me if you noticed a giant nick on the bottom of the lipstick; it’s one of the occasional hazards in taking lipstick pictures when the bullet is out.

Another red, really? Yes, but it ain’t just any red.

It’s what I like to describe as a raspberry pink red. It’s absolutely easy to wear and pair with my outfits, and the formula is to die for. It’s the kind of texture that my lips crave for, moisturizing without being too slippery, offering a buildable option without the look of having just slapped tons of lip balm. The finish is luminous satin, like Burberry Lip Covers.

It is so comfortable, I can wear it all day long. No kidding. And it’s long-lasting.

Is it beautiful or what? I hope you can see the pink tone in this picture, it’s more obvious in real life. I applied about three layers of it for full coverage. My lips look plump and dare I say, juicy. It goes so well with the Rope Neck Dress by Minimal.

I think I may have just found a new line of lipstick to course through with. Yes, I have a couple more shades :D

If you’re looking for something different in your red lipstick routine, give this a try!