Can Hijabers Pull Off All Kinds of Trends?

Someone once said that, To be a hijabi or wear muslim clothing simply means wearing regular non-hijabi outfits, plus headcovers. This is probably something a lot of us cling on to as well. As long as we follow the rules–covering all parts of your body except the palm and face in loose-fitting clothing–that’s enough, right?

But let’s face it. We see uber stylish images on fashion magazines that show the latest trends, and sometimes we think, We can pull that off, right? Sometimes we shop and forgot to consider our need to conform to our hijaber ideals, often coming to a compromise along the lines of “Well, I can always wear a long-sleeved shirt with this tank top.”

That being said, here are some lookss and fashion items that may be a little too tricky to wear for hijabers:


  • Caged ankle boots or gladiator sandals, which are intended to show off legs.

  • 1950s-style dresses that are cinched at the waist and end right beneath the knee. I like the flattering accentuating of form, but these dresses are better worn just they way they are, not to be mixed with leggings or skinny pants. So, no-go!


  • Tube tops. These expose a lot of chest, and it won’t feel right even if you wear a long-sleeved top underneath it. Another option is to wear it with a blazer and shawl to cover the chest, but it will end up looking like any other top, therefore losing its charm.

  • The bodycon dress. What would you even pair this with? Skinny pants?

So is it better if we don’t look at mainstream trends that tend to show off plenty of skin? No! Of course we should, as there’s plenty of fun mixing and matching ideas we can pull off well and properly. For example:

  • Deep V-neck shirts. Wear it with a wider shawl underneath to cover up the chest, just like this Yermic top from Ria Miranda.

  • Tartan A-line/full skirt. Wear an oversized sweater that falls at the hips and pipe pants as the bottoms.

  • Short sleeve shirts and t-shirts. Invest in plenty of these! They will do you as a good layered top.

So instead of trying to manipulate clearly non hijaber-friendly items, splurge on well-shaped, fine materials or textured classic staple items that provide proper coverage. The good news is, its the fall, which means that stores will be flooded with lots of those pieces. Start looking for high quality jumpers, light coats, clean cut semi loose pants, and unique textured tops to stay a stylesh hijaber :)