Weekend Roundup: Pantene, Spanx Red Hot Label, NYFW

Pantene Shine Moment

In July, Pantene announced the commencement of the Pantene Shine Moment contest; earlier this week, ten finalists were selected from more than seven hundred women who wrote in to explain the causes they believed in most. Brand ambassador Raline Shah was once more invited to celebrate the event, and to celebrate the women of that day.

Despite the diversity of range in their causes, each woman was selected to be in the top ten for their potential to add a direct positive impact to entire communities. These ten stood out among others for their “goodwill, influence, and ability to turn intent into reality.” They hope to bring about that positive impact by social programs, with one such example as simple a dream as encouraging children to engage in more reading. Pantene has given each of the finalists IDR 10 million each to help them fulfill their dreams and share their moment of shine with others.

Spanx Red Hot Label Arrives in Indonesia

When Spanx arrived in Indonesia last year, a collective cry of joy sounded from all women whose glorious muffin tops and love handles needed temporary regulating for that odd evening or two in an especially body-hugging LBD. I, too, was part of that cheering crowd–and I no longer live in fear of VPLs when wearing skintight LBDs that are two sizes too small.

Earlier this week, an intimate media gathering at Plaza Senayan’s Avorio Italian Restaurant to celebrate the arrival of the Red Hot Label line by Assets, the sister line of Spanx. What separates Red Hot Label from other Spanx products are its fun lace and print details. Better still, all lines that fly under the Red Hot Label banner are available at more affordable price points, with staples like the Luxe & Lean Open Bust Tank and Half Slip going for about 20 – 30% less than their Spanx counterparts.

But don’t for one minute think that a lower price point translates to a compromise in quality! This is some serious control underwear that does exactly what it sets out to do. Get ready to fit into old party dresses again ;)

New York Fashion Week

We in Jakarta have to wait until October before the unfurling of this city’s Fashion Week, so we’re whetting our appetite through New York Fashion Week til then. NYFW takes place place from September 5-12, and here are some of the first runway shows that caught our eye:


Beautiful cuts and light, flowy fabrics, and everyday-wear appeal, but one very small complaint: is there a law out there that states spring collections must contain floral motifs?



Now this is more like it. We’re all for designers bucking the “spring = florals” trend in favor of this space-age look. The colors and silhouettes remind us of 2008 Lady Gaga.


The Great Gatsby meets Marie Antoinette. Great to see the stark geometry of art deco married with soft pastels, with an dash of feathers and frills every now and then.