Come To Candy Lab Market & Museum This Weekend!

After successfully attracting more than 30,000 visitors last year, Market & Museum brings a new theme and new events for this year, which has been called “Candy Lab.” For those of you who are not familiar with the name, basically, Market & Museum is a thematic bazaar organizer.  They chose a theme, select the tenants, prepare the place, plan and make some activities during the bazaar, etc.

Candy Lab theme is inspired by the month of September itself.  They say early September is related to “back-to-school” month, even though I think nowadays the majority of students go back to school in August.  They want to bring us back too those days with a laboratorium concept, setting, and decorations–except this is a candy lab.

I do think this retail bazaar becomes more fun because it’s not just about fashion.  It’s not a 100% fashion bazaar where everywhere you go, you can only find dresses, tops, skirts, and the rest of the group.  While I practically breathe fashion (because everyone thinks about fashion everyday; like, what should I wear to the office today?), it was fun and refreshing to see a bazaar where I can find other things besides fashion. Definitely a plus point from me!

I also LOVE how they put all the brands like The Periodic Table of Elements!  This takes me back to my high school years instantly, and candy lab is more fun than mixing experimental samples for a chemical reaction. :D

Market & Museum also arranged a Mini Exhibition where we can see Michael Cools’ photographs and Talitha Maranila’s paintings. The painting on the photo below is one of Talitha’s, with her inspiration for this particular one being human’s characters. I like how she portrays some of them into this painting.

You will find more than 80 booths in Market & Museum including fashion (women and men!), accessories, bags, shoes, jewelries, artworks, souvenirs, home decor, and foods! Make sure to click the next pages to see other interesting stuff! You don’t want to miss it, because there might be something that you’re looking for. :)