Today’s Outfit: Summer in the City

Have you noticed how hot the weather in Jakarta has been lately? It’s not even the good kind of hot, but rather the kind of heat that sears through your skin, permeates into your bones, and cooks you from the inside out. I actually think I can feel my muscles slowly grill their way into well-done cooking perfection. The usually arctic-low air conditioning at the office has also been rendered useless, having me dream of consuming my own body weight in cold coconut pudding.

I thought this weather would be a great time to break out clothes that provide the most draft so I don’t melt into a puddle of my own sweat on the sidewalk. I’ve been spending a bit of time on this Female Daily Forum thread, which encouraged me to pluck out this full-length wrap skirt from Indonesian casual-wear retailer (X) S. M. L. What I like about wrap skirts are how you can manipulate them into as many styles as you can imagine, and you can position the slit at a height and position according to whatever adventure you are going to have that day. This is one of those basic wardrobe staples I like to take on travels too, just because they’re light, take little space in my backpack, and are suitable for beaches, temples, and bars (never thought I’d mention those three places in one breath!).

Mango shirt | (X) S. M. L. wrap skirt | Loewe tote | Manila wedges| I Am sunglasses | Giana Mayra ring | American Eagle bangles

I also love the color on this particular skirt: a sort of shiny, ashen pale violet that looks good paired with just about any color top. Come to think of it, it also looks like a really great color for hair too. This may just end up being my inspiration for the next time I get my hair dyed.

Also notable: the gorgeous citrine and silver statement ring from Giana Mayra, my very own aunt’s jewelry line! The red shopper is a limited-edition tote from Loewe, with a size and sturdiness rivaled only by its amazing color. Protip: always include a red bag in your wardrobe staple. A basic jeans-and-tee outfit will always be spiced up with a red bag.

This is also a good time to talk about a challenge going down at FDHQ: if you have an Instagram account, feel free to add the hashtags #MadeInIndonesiaMonth and #FashioneseDaily if you happen to wear on outfit or use a beauty product that’s made on our fine shores. We want to see how many of you out there literally wear your national pride on your sleeve. :) Looking forward to your entries!