Slouchy Caps: A DO for hijabers!

Once at a radio talk show, I was asked about the turban trend, especially in Indonesia. Turban has a very long history in fashion, not only as a head-cover in Muslim clothing, but many cultures and societies also don turban as their everyday head gear, both men and women.

Then it was adapted as head-cover in Muslim clothing and has evolved in so many ways and styles. Alas, what we now call as turban has many similarities usually involved the winding -usually upturn-, and whether it was tightly wrapped the head or volumized, it defines a break between head and shoulders. It also tends to shape the neck and nape area.


What I thought more, for that custom look of turban, turban may not suitable for everyone, especially here. Turban always looks good on those of middle eastern with ‘considerably’ sharp and more-sculptured face.¬†As an alternative, you can make a drapery to smooth out the ‘vivid’ look of turban. It will partially cover the neck area so it won’t be ‘exposed’. Just search for ‘drapery turban’ tutorial and you’ll find a bunch of them.


For me, personally, I don’t do turban because of some of the above reasons, and I just never find it suitable for my face. Instead, I like something slouchy, the ‘effortless’ kind of head-cover, and add a vibe of relaxed and laid back look.

And this ‘slouchy beanie’ can certainly pull that look. It was called ‘slouchy’ to differ from the usual beanie (honestly I don’t know if ‘slouchy beanie’ is the right term or maybe there’s specific term for this kind of headgear). It reminded us of those ‘rasta’ kind of thing. Oh and in case you’re curious of where to find them, it’s fall season, ladies! So just stroll along the mall and find these accessories in some fashion stores.



Too casual and ‘grungy’, don’t you think? Luckily I found another HG slouchy thing from Square. Using fine jersey materials, it serves the exact look that I want for many occasions! This is basically just a pocket-shaped cap, in over-size so it will do the slouchy shape over the head.


Feeling a bit plain with your regular long or square shawl? Just place these slouchy caps over and you’re done!