Tried & Tested: Avene Sensitive White

I think when you have a blessing, it’s wise not to “declare” it too much. All my life, I’ve been saying how lucky I am to have a relatively problem-free skin, that I could put on any product and it would be fine on my skin. Then, suddenly, about a year ago, something happened to my skin, which I am still unsure what it was exactly, that turned it into this hypersensitive, unpredictable, often frustrating thing. It was like the God of good skin (yes, there is such a thing!) pointed at me from up above and said,  “You’ve had enough! Now it’s time to test your patience and skincare knowledge!” And I have been suffering from redness that could flare up without any warning, itchiness and dryness.

I wrote some time ago that oatmeal cleanser helped my skin tremendously. But the only skincare range which truly worked to calm my hypersensitive skin is Avene. FD girls have sung praises to Avene Eau Thermal and Skin Recovery Cream and I agree 100% with everything they say. I’ve been using Eau Thermal as a toner (as Deszell suggested in this article) and Avene Skin Recovery Cream for quite some time and really love how it really does calm my skin while providing the hydration it needs. But lately, I have been including 2 other Avene products: Sensitive White Whitening LotionSensitive White Whitening Essence and Sensitive White Whitening Fluid.

Don’t be discouraged by the name. This isn’t a product to “whiten” the skin, but it does contain stabilised vitamin C that can help brightening your skin, blended with a botanical myrtle extract, rich in anti-radical polyphenols which helps control melanin production and promote cell renewal. And of course, like other Avene products, it is rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water for anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. It promises to visibly minimizes the appearance of dark spots & pigmentations, so I was thrilled to try them!

First, Sensitive White Whitening Lotion. This works as a toner and I apply it right after I finish cleansing my face with a cotton pad. It does feel cool and refreshing on the skin but on my sensitive skin, it does sting a little. So what I do is pat the cotton lightly on my skin and not leave it on the most sensitive area on my face, such as my cheeks (which get inflamed so fast) and my nose.

After that I follow the routine with Sensitive White Whitening Essence. This is a serum which you put on before your moisturizer. It is lightweight and sinks relatively fast on the skin. However,  I notice that if I put too much, it will leave my skin slightly more oily than usual. So make sure you put just enough amount, I use about pea-size for the whole face. I’m also quite surprised that with that little amount, it already provides enough moisture on my skin. I was tempted not to use any more moisturizer afterwards, but as I know my skin usually gets drier during the day (all that constant exposure to AC doesn’t help either), I add Sensitive White Whitening Fluid. This product is very similar in texture with the much loved Skin Recovery Cream, but slightly richer. I think people with drier skin will benefit from the combination of the essence and fluid because together, they will provide ample hydration. However, if your skin is on the oily side, you might want to consider using a lighter moisturizer (such as Skin Recovery Cream) or skip it altogether.

Anyway, I’ve been using this routine for almost a month now and so far, I’m happy to report it does not aggravate my skin so I can say these additional products are really safe for sensitive skin. I do notice my skin looking brighter, albeit slightly, and I believe for dark spots and pigmentations to disappear (though I don’t have that many to begin with), will take more time. What I love also about this product, especially the essence, is how well it moisturises my skin even with just a little amount.

So the verdict? Avene Sensitive White range is worth the shot if you have sensitive, dehydrated skin and you are looking for products which will combat dull skin and pigmentation.