Layer Up to Keep Warm in The Fall

Living in the tropics is really wonderful because we get to walk around in lightweight tank tops, tube tops, and swishy skirts all day long. When you think about, the ideal dress code for Indonesian weather is really about economy of fabric; but while I enjoy living in the tropics, I would be lying if I told you that I don’t miss the fun and creativity that came with dressing up for the fall and winter. Fall was my favorite season, with temperatures cool enough to justify black tights under knee-length skirts but warm enough for pulled-up hair.  I miss hot apple cider and colorful leather gloves, and I also miss feeling the weight of a warm, heavy coat on my shoulders.

The author in cooler climes. The coats you see in this photoset come from (clockwise top to bottom) H&M, Zara, J. Crew, American Eagle.

So it is with a sense of severe envy that I open pack after press pack of images that contain the Fall/Winter ’13 collections of ready-to-wear brands. I don’t think I’ll be needing to wear heavy cable-knit sweaters and wool scarves anytime soon, but if you’re jetting off to cooler climes in the near future, take a tip from these Fall/Winter looks from either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tommy Hilfiger

There are some questions that are fated to become forever unanswerable mysteries of the universe: What is the meaning of life? How did the universe begin? Will Tommy Hilfiger ever tire of the prep school look?

The F/W ’13 set from the American master over the wardrobes of of young, ambitious yuppies has rolled out items with a lot of rich deep blue hues, while we see tartan and houndstooth have been selected as the print of choice this season. Even without the visual accompaniment, nothing screams “back to school” louder than knee-high socks and a tartan skirt.

Karen Millen

This is without a doubt the more mature F/W collection between the two: the British label has upped its wardrobe staple game by unleashing a series of fierce separates. This collection is rich with leathers, heather grays, and knits that are sure to keep the person wearing it warm even if the weather outside hovers just above zero. It’s a little on the monochromatic end, but the mix-and-match of textures is just about enough to keep things interesting.

Additional photos by Alana Soehartono and Stephen Hittner.