Friday Fragrance: Rance, This is What Royal Smells Like

Rance Pauline is the first fragrance that I got myself after I left Fashionese Daily. It gave me the notion of freedom, as well as festivity because I finally got the chance to choose my fragrance. Working with Fashionese Daily means that almost every month I got the newest fragrance delivered to my desk. But because I didn’t handpick them myself, it didn’t always suit my taste. In fact, only a third of them suited my taste because as you may be aware, I only like fragrances that have either jasmine or vanilla notes or have a powdery scent. This one is the latter.

I learnt about the history of Rance from Affi, the perfume connoisseur. Rance created perfumes for Napoleon Bonaparte and his family, including Pauline (in 1807) , Napoleon’s favourite sister and the most loyal to him among all his siblings. It’s very interesting to hold a bottle that has such history and stories behind it.