Eat, Love, Lift to Perfect Health with Tiara Soemakno

Our Kickstarter series continues this week for the first time since we returned from the summer holidays! It’s pretty apropos too, as we’re bringing in Tiara Soemakno of Eat, Love, Lift to share with us her insight on dieting myths and workouts that really work. I think everyone at FDHQ can do with some diet and exercise, as everyone let loose by eating anything and everything during the break! Check out this introductory to video to learn a little more about Tiara:

This sprightly mother of two also happens to be Hanzky’s personal trainer. She has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life, but found it difficult to find the time to exercise regularly after giving birth and being preoccupied with motherhood, which compromised her stamina and energy levels. When she rededicated her time to getting back in shape, she turned to lifting weights and clean eating–and the rest is history.

The Kickstarter with Tiara is called Fad and Facts: Diets that Work (or Don’t), and will take place on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at our headquarters located on Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2. This talk is completely free of charge, so simply register here and come on down to make new friends and learn a little about world of weightlifting and clean eating. See you there!