Diorskin Nude Tan; a Paradise in One

A while ago, Ambar showed us her picks in Dior Bird of Paradise collection here. I’m here to do the same. I picked up the only item that I wanted: Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo #001 Pink Glow.

Initially, I wanted the #002 Coral Glow. I have a soft spot for corals and I was sure I was going to get this. Then I found out that Dior actually released two shades, one in pink. I deliberated (hard) and eventually decided on Pink Glow. I chose it because, in my humble opinion, it would be more versatile. I’ll explain my reasoning later in the article.

As far as packaging goes, it’s practically the same as my Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow bronzer. The compact is a round shiny silver metal and reflective, as you can see from the photo above. It has the signature Cannage pattern on the top case. It has a full mirror and closes with a magnet. It feels weighty, which adds to the whole luxurious feel.

It’s basically a bronzer and a blusher in one compact. The bronzer has two shades (lighter and darker) and so does the blusher. This got me thinking that I can use this in multiple different ways, which resulted in me getting the Pink Glow instead of the Coral.

Naturally, I’m going to mix the all of the shades to get a new shade of blusher. Pink and yellow(ish) equals to coral! I reckon the coral shade is pretty much the same in the Coral Glow blush section. If I had chosen Coral Glow, I would’ve gotten a blusher that’s too orange for my liking (when mixed). With Pink Glow, I got the best of both worlds, a perfectly beautiful pink blusher and a summery coral for that punch of color. How’s that for making the best use out of a product :D

The bronzer section doesn’t provide the same effect as my Nude Tan Healthy Glow bronzer, but it’s enough to give warmth to the complexion. The blush is pigmented, especially the darker pink one. The lighter pink looks slightly shimmery but when applied it just imparts a subtle glow on the cheeks. The texture on all four are soft, finely-milled that is a joy to anyone who wishes to apply it.

My apologies for not showing you the mixed blush shade. I tried to finger-swatch it but ended up contaminating the bronzer with the blush pigments. But I can assure you it’s a gorgeous coral shade! Pinky promise! ;)

The compact comes with a small kabuki brush as well. However, if you’re heavy handed, I personally wouldn’t suggest to use this to apply the blush as it picks up pigments easily. After all, it’s a kabuki. Instead, opt for a fluffy brush. I love using Real Techniques Blush Brush or NARS Yachiyo to apply, then smooth everything out with the small kabuki brush.

Oh, just so you know, it is a limited edition. So, if you’re interested, better haste and get this (and/or Coral Glow) before it turns into a treasure-hunt activity. The customer service at Nuance-Watson Changi Airport said that they will not be getting these jewels anymore. Once they’re gone, that’s it. Hurry! :D