Techie Thursday; Proudly Presenting MY Lenovo K900 Smartphone!

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Well, I do. As far as I can remember, all that I have right now was once things I dreamed of, which apparently includes Lenovo K900. Long before I met him (did I just called a device as a “him”? yes I did!) in person, I was already amazed by its specifications and even wrote about it here. I kept telling myself, “One day, you will be mine…” Of course, when you keep saying it or think about it, every single day, it will eventually get to you somehow. It’s the rule of the Universe, trust me!

I had written all K900 main specs, so now the main point of this article is to get you…even more convinced :P

  • Design

Yes, it looks big but it fits perfectly on my hand. I kind of have sweaty palms, so unlike other smartphones with plastic casing, K900 metal case does not make it slip easily from my grip, so I will never, ever, accidentally drop it. As I’ve imagined it to be, K900 feels so sturdy and tough. I noticed people would turn their heads whenever I make a call, not because it’s big or weird looking,  but because even from the backside, K900 looks like something they haven’t seen before. Some of them were even brave enough to come up to me asking what Lenovo series it was!. Dear metal chassis, you’ve won me over.

  • User Interface

As this is my very first time of owning a Lenovo smartphone, I can say K900 UI is pretty easy to get used to. The first thing I noticed is the Lotus launcher on Locked Screen that held Call, Text, Camera and Unlock buttons. Truth be told, this kind of launcher is essential for those of us who are in a hurry to take pics, right?! :D As a very visual person, I am also amazed on how K900’s built-in themes echo the overall industrial design. Then, as I slide my finger from the top of the screen, I found another awesomeness. The drop down menu, at first, only shows 5 buttons, but as I lightly tap the little boxes beside the “broom” button, other 7 buttons come out from hiding. These hidden buttons include: GPS, Brightness, Screenshot, AutoRotate, Sleep, LockScreen and Shake UnLock. The “broom” button is a clean up button by the way. I mean it has to be, of course. :D

K900 also has plenty of options to make your smartphone yours. Home screen can hold up to 9 screens, so I can have the joy of dragging all my apps to the home screen. :p  And there are plenty of effects you can choose as well as 10 different kinds of animation settings for your applications screen.  I find that switching between apps are lightning fast, due to its Intel Atom (Clover Trail+) processor. I haven’t had  a “loading” moment or a “hang” moment and I am pretty certain it won’t happen anytime soon. K900 does have basic gesture control like shake to lock the screen, which I don’t use since I still need to feel that power button.. haha. Honestly, it took me like half an hour to personallize everything. That’s because I create different kinds of folder for the sake of being organized but ended up downloading more and more apps. :p

  • Battery

K900 has AH-MA-ZING battery life! Oh, first, K900 has this intelligent battery management, called the Lenovo Power. It basically manages everything that affects battery endurance. I can see which software/app are eating up my battery life on the Usage list. I can also adjust some settings like brightness, Wi-fi, etc, to prolong my battery life and save it as a custom mode, alongside other Modes that K900 already has. K900 has this 3 steps charging mechanism which during the first step, the battery will be charged rapidly to 80%, then minimize the current as it is about to be fully charged and by the third stage, the current decreases after the battery is fully charged. It’s been said that weak current can keep electrons active to prolong endurance. Fyi, I mainly use my K900 to browse, while listening to music on its loudspeaker. Aside from that and from making calls, apps that I let run on the background are: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Path, Twitter (auto-sync every 15 mins), Instagram, Gmail, Hangouts, Kik, Line, YM and I use Wi-fi most of the time, my battery can last around 24+ hours! What’s more amazing is that whenever I check out my hardware power usage, K900’s Intel Atom Clover Trail+ CPU only use less than 0,5% of battery consumption!! No wonder it can last that long! ;)

  • Camera

Knowing that K900 Super Camera has a superior 13 Mpx f1.8 aperture Sony Exmor RS BS sensor, I often use it to capture moments indoor, in low lights. There are times when my friends envy me because their smartphones can’t capture pictures as clear as mine, so I often had to take their pictures and send it to them via email before they post it on their social media, claiming the pictures are from their phones. :D Lenovo K900 Super Camera also has continuous shooting capability, filters and effects,which  I am pretty satisfied with.  I don’t need to download another photo filter apps. And K900’s animated Super Gallery delivers pleasant views of each pictures we take rather than just rows of folders. Super Gallery also allows me to create puzzles and even GIF from the pictures I took! You see, these kind of useful default apps are little things that I notice and appreciate. Lenovo K900 doesn’t pack a lot of native apps but I can tell you that all default apps they have are definitely useful. :)

These are some pictures I’ve taken indoor with my K900- without flash.

  • Conclusion

With the price of around IDR6,000,000, I am beyond satisfied with what I have experienced from Lenovo K900. I did find that it heats up quickly whenever I play games but that is not something you should be concerned about because all I know is that some games (like my favorite FPS game called ” Enemy Strike” I downloaded from Unity)  does make your phone hardware, work harder. I also did some benchmarking myself, just to be sure, and yet again, I am pleasantly surprised. Lenovo K900 really sets itself a high benchmark for other Intel Atom SoC -based devices to follow. I am proud to say that I own a piece of history-the world’s very first smartphone with Intel Atom! :)