Harper & Smith’s Wallet To End All Wallets

As I’ve once mentioned before, Griss and I were nothing short of enamored when we poked around the handbag that belonged to Ambar Pratiwi of Major Minor and discovered her wallet from the Indonesian accessory label, Harper & Smith. I kept thinking about that wallet for weeks after the interview, but there has been no more wishful thinking on my end since I picked up my own gorgeous milk-chocolate brown Magnum 1 Zipper Wallet at The Goods Dept. The only wishful thoughts I have now are to own more of the same wallets in different colors!

Harper & Smith is a Jakarta-based company specializing in the production of fun and functional wallets, bags, pouches, passport covers, and more. If you need something to throw your personal items into, they probably have the solution for you; they even offer a personal embossing service, a really great idea for birthday gifts! Their goods ca be ordered online, but are also stocked at The Goods Dept. and Fashion Xchange in Jakarta, Happy-Go-Lucky and Widely Project in Bandung, Ore in Surabaya, and Isetan in Singapore.

But back to the wallet: there are not enough words in the English language to describe my love for this particular daily accoutrement. It has twelve credit card slots, two bill slots, two side panels, and one additional zippered panel which can be used for coins (I used mine for paper bills). The zipper is really sturdy, solid enough to open and close without straining or snagging despite my filling it up to the brim. This is also a really great wallet for traveling, because the multiple bill slots mean you will never mix up currencies ever again. I wish I had this with me when I accidentally turned over my Thai baht to a cashier that rang up my bill in Burmese kyats :(

If it looks a little bulky in these photos, it’s because I probably carry more than the recommended amount of items in it! I’m a light packer and don’t like carrying any unnecessary extras; sometimes this wallet is the only thing I take out of the house with me on weekend meetups, so I pack it with every functional thing I need when a hangout coffee session is called for.

Here’s the complete list of everything in my wallet:

  • Cash, twelve assorted bank and membership cards, bank security token, assorted painkillers
  • Passport (you never know when you need to leave the country!), name cards, taxi vouchers, pens
  • Sprecher Cream Soda Lip Balm (delicious), 10ml Autograph Blush, 3x lipsticks, lip liner, eyeliner, mirror

Oh, no. I just checked out their website and stumbled upon a family of zip tote bags that may just end up being my new everyday bag. This is a little out of character for me, but I’m totally crushing on this fuchsia tote for its roominess. Watch this space for a potential What’s In My Bag Post featuring this delightful number!