Tuesday Timepiece: The Nixon Time Teller

Southern California is home to companies who produce gear and accessories originally targeted towards a specific So-Cal demographic: tanned and well-toned adrenaline junkies who pick up a surfboard in the morning before they skateboard to their favorite breakfast joint just in time for catching the BMX finals of the X Games. Plenty of these companies have successfully transitioned into the big leagues after supplying apparel and accessories to previously niche action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and bicycle motorcrossing. Companies like Vans and Volcom have come a long way from their skatepark origins and expanded their brand by actively associating themselves with the pop punk music scene.

Another one of the fashion-friendly byproducts of the infectious Southern California sand, surf, and sea is Nixon. I don’t remember when I first learned about their existence, but I will never forget how I felt when ¬†first laid eyes on The Ceramic Time Teller. Good grief. I loved its no-nonsense analog display, feeling the weight of it on my wrist, and the sheer simplicity of it. One thing I didn’t love at the time was the price, so I settled for its more affordable cousin, The Time Teller.

It comes with a sturdy deployment clasp in a matte rose gold that suits just about any skin tone and will dress up whatever outfit you may have. But in addition to being available in ceramic and elastic chain form, the Time Teller also comes in a lightweight acetate and an even simpler reiteration featuring a polyurethane band. The Time Teller P comes in a wide range of really fun color options, but which one does my friend E own? A pretty basic dark gray.

Overall, I enjoy this watch a great deal save for one tiny snag: the chain bracelet is not made up of links. It’s held together by an elastic band, which means that if I’m not careful with it, it will pinch my skin and get caught on fine hairs. Thankfully, this is the only watch with an elastic band in my collection, and I’m almost certain it will be the only one for a long time.

Additional photo by Maria Celina.