What We Currently Rave: The Iris Angelica Sublime Essence from L’OCCITANE

Looking for a serum? Here’s one for you from L’Occitane that can help with skin irregularities. Its effectiveness is brought to you by the organic extract of two angels’ flowers, the White Iris and Angelica. After using this serum, you can expect;

  1. Skin texture visibly smoother and more refined
  2. Pores look instantly tightened
  3. Redness and blemishes seem reduced
  4. A more radiant complexion
  5. Hydrated and plumped-up skin
  6. Softer and velvety skin
  7. And if you needed some convincing, here’s the feedback and reviews from five beauty enthusiasts in the office! That’s how in love we are with this serum, and we’re sure you will too when you try it.

“I first tried the L’Occitane Iris Angelica Sublime Essence alongside the L’Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream. I would pat small amounts of it on my face before slathering on the BB cream, as a primer of sorts. The texture was not something I was used to; it seemed more viscous than other primers, but was absorbed very quickly and very little was needed per use.

As far as results go, it did prep my skin for whatever BB cream or moisturizer I put on that day by adding much needed hydration. While I did not see immediate improvement in the way my skin looked, it felt more hydrated and supple within seconds of application. A floral-scented gem I rarely go without!”

“The serum has a creamy texture. I expected serums to be more on the runny side, but apparently not this one. The scent is immediately noticeable, but I find it to be quite calming. Upon application, I found that the serum glided onto skin and absorbed easily. I didn’t feel any greasiness after applying it. It leaves my skin cool, I like the soothing effect. I think it is reasonably priced considering you don’t need much for every application, making this serum is quite affordable. After this first use, I’m certainly interested and would like to continue using this serum.”

“I was surprised to find out that even though this serum has quite a thick texture, it didn’t leave a sticky feeling on skin at all. The smell is relaxing too, just the kind of smell you want to sniff after a long day at work. I sensed that my skin felt more fresh. With a price this reasonable, I would definitely use it daily.”

I never dared to use any kind of serum or essence due to the nature of my sensitive and acne-prone skin, but this time I decided to give it a try. I used a very small amount of the essence at night, and the first thing I noticed was a hint of fresh floral fragrance. Honestly, I tend to stay away from skincare that contains fragrance, but then  again I wanted to see if my skin could tolerate it this time. I applied it to my entire face, and was surprised by how quickly this thick essence was absorbed! My face felt so supple and refreshed afterwards. I woke up in the next morning with much smoother skin. The best part is, my skin doesn’t react negatively to it, no itchiness at all! I definitely will continue using this :)

“I’m a bit picky when it comes to serums but I love L’Occitane products in general so I was excited to try this one. At first glance, I liked the clean and practical packaging. It feels ergonomic at the palm of my hand. I tried a little bit on my hand and fell in love with the scent instantly.  I was looking forward to go home that day so I could remove my makeup and apply this serum all over my face. The texture is a bit more like a primer than a serum but that’s what makes it less sticky. My skin just drank it up right away. I didn’t have to wait long for it to absorb before putting on my moisturizer. It saves time and trouble. Now I’m just waiting for it to work its charm to tighten my pores.”