Today’s Outfit: The Ivy Pattern Dress

There are only two reasons why I go shopping for a dress: to attend someone’s wedding, or to attend a work-related event. But to wear dresses on a daily basis? Nah.  I stick to pants and blouses because I feel comfortable in them.  So while I usually buy a few new blouses every month, it is very rare for me to buy a dress during my monthly shopping spree.  But when I visited Debenhams and saw the new collection from Dorothy Perkins, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing this dress and walking over to the fitting room.

I’ve always loved Dorothy Perkins because first of all, I can find my size easily: they have big sizes for a big girl like me *Hooray* And since my height is considerably tall, I want to find a dress that is long enough without exposing 25cm of my thighs, and Dorothy Perkins has many dresses that meet the criteria of not being too short.  Another plus point!

This particular dress has deep red ivy pattern that I think is pretty interesting to look at.  And I love the A-Line cut because it’s not too tight, making it really comfortable to wear.  If you want to wear an A-Line dress, make sure to wear shorts underneath because you never know when the wind is gonna come to you.

I kept the rest of my look simple, wearing just a watch and adding high wedges. Wearing the wedges was followed by complaints from people in the office going, “Griss, you’re very tall!” LOL.

Dorothy Perkins Dress | Brash Wedges | Elizabeth Bag