Friday Fragrance: I Smell Like CLEAN Hotel Pillow

I love staying in hotels. I love the room service which entails clean towels, sheets and pillows without having to change them myself. I love to bury my head on that clean pillow after a long day outside of exploring the city or working my little behind off. Clean hotel pillows have a certain charming scent to it, it’s soapy, lathery and most of all CLEAN. Yes, just like the name of the fragrance that I’m wearing today, CLEAN Original Eau de Parfum.

It’s the soapy scent that draws me to this perfume and it provides my sense of smell a kind of “white noise” to all the scent – good or bad – out there. That is why, nowadays, I steer clear from my jasmine scented perfume because I’m undergoing a perfume detox. :)

How does it smell? It opens up with fresh scent, develop to another fresh scent and ended up with fresh scent throughout the day. No kidding! But it’s actually not that simple to create this layer of fresh scented note. It’s actually a floral fragrance but rather than taking it to a strong approach like most perfume out there, CLEAN takes it to a soft accords and creates fresh notes that work together harmoniously. With crisp top notes created from the combinations of orange, pink, grapefruit, lime, wild berries, bergamot and orange blossom, you’ll begin to see that to create that CLEAN scent is not easy after all. The middle notes are my favourite part, it just tickles my nose the right way and relaxes me, which is the reason why I like to spray it on my wrist to accompany my lazy Sunday afternoon. It consists of lily, lavender, violet, damask rose, jasmine and passion flower. Because it’s an EDP, it will last for quite a long time and you’ll love how it smells when you close your eyes and the soft notes of heliotrope, white musk, and geranium caress you to bed.

I bought this perfume during one of the Ramadan multi-brands bazaars, and I suspect they no longer sell it here in Indonesia. I was quite lucky to get this on a discounted price because I’ve been meaning to try this but unsure whether I really want to pay USD 69 to just sniff on a fresh scent, so to speak. Turns out, this is one purchase that I’ll never regret and I don’t mind paying full price to get this perfume because it’s just downright simple. To check out the full range of CLEAN perfume, you can visit and get yourself a dose of freshness.