Today’s Outfit: How to Wear the Midi Dress

A few weeks ago, I gleefully wrote about the versatility of maxi dresses and how I take them with me wherever I travel. My wardrobe is in no short  supply of maxi dresses, where they happily reside with other staples I purchase in great volumes, such as LBDs and skater dresses.

Riding on the crest of a maxi dress wave, Griss and I slipped into the Greece Goddess and Blooming Your Day dresses from; we were hoping to be photographed for a Today’s Outfit article that would expand on our enjoyment of the maxi dress, but we were pleasantly surprised to find what were maxi dresses on the website’s models ended up being midi dresses on us! I guess we forgot to account for our height (she and I stand at 173 and 167 cm respectively) and had to improvise to make it work.

The midi dress can be a tricky number to wear because of the way its hemline starts in the middle of the calf, often making the person wearing it look shorter than they really are. The simplest out to not look like you’ve lost inches is to avoid flat shoes and opt instead for heels or wedges. The dresses we wore here represent two completely different silhouettes: Griss’ dress is a body-hugging basic black with a cowl neck, and mine is a floral-print number with accordion pleats.

On its own, Griss’ dress could work very well for nice dinner dates, but once she swept on some Inglot #126 and shouldered a faux leather biker jacket that had been draped on my chair, she went from having nice candlelight dinners to having dinner with Bear Grylls.

Greece Goddess Dress from Floriestyle | Biker Jacket from H! by Henry Holland | Peep-toe stilettos from Brash

The dress I was wearing is more true to the midi dress aesthetic: it can really live up to its vintage hipster granny potential when worn with iconic oxfords from G.H. Bass & Co. and the classic Cambridge satchel.

Blooming Your Day Dress from Floriestyle | Imperial blue wedges from Marie Claire

What followed was a hilarious photo shoot where we tried our best to emulate the personalities that our outfits represented. We completely crashed and burned trying to do that, but at least we had fun! Judging from these photos, it seems that while Griss still has the potential to ride Harley-Davidsons for a living, I will never be genteel enough to pass off as a sweet cutesy hipster. I hope there’s room for two midi-crazy ladies on that Harley!