Redwin Sorbolene; Solution for Sensitive and Dry Skin

When I had the chance to attend the official launch of Redwin, the first Sorbolene Moisturiser in Indonesia, I came to the place with huge curiosity.  A few days before the event, I went to Guardian with a friend who spent years in Sydney, Australia, and when she spotted Redwin products there, she literally almost screamed because she never thought she would find them in Jakarta.  And at that time, I literally put on a blank face; I didn’t understand why on earth my friend was so excited about that.

She told me Sorbolene products are very famous in Australia, especially during Winter.  It’s like a must-have item to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.  She said Sorbolene is like the only product that actually works and helps during that period of time.  I’ve never heard of Sorbolene before, let alone try one, but still it’s interesting to know that lots of people in Australia loves Sorbolene, even though it’s only based on my friend’s testimony.  I uploaded a photo of Redwin products on Fashionese Daily’s Instagram and it turns out to be true because we received many comments of how the ladies love these products, even one of them use it for her baby as the product works really well for dry skin, etc.

Before I jump to the review, to make sure that none of us gets confused, Sorbolene is an ingredient in cream form, not the name of the product/brand.  And Redwin is one of the brands that uses Sorbolene as the main ingredient for some of their products.  You will find other products/brands that use Sorbolene out there as well.  And Redwin is the first brand with Sorbolene in Indonesia.  Hopefully you get the picture. :)

If you visit the  Redwin’s website, there are more products like shampoo, deodorant, hand wash, dry skin moisturizers, and sensitive skin moisturizers.  Here in Indonesia, as of now, we only can find Redwin Sorbolene Sensitive Skin Moisturiser and Redwin Sorbolene Sensitive Skin Body Wash.

With its tagline “Nothing but goodness for sensitive skin”, Redwin claims its products are the recommendation of dermatologists for sensitive skin problems, dry, rough and damaged.  Sorbolene, as the main ingredient in the cream form, is safe for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.  It’s fragrance free and color free.

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser

Let’s start with Redwin Sorbolene Sensitive Skin Moisturiser. It has a quite heavy texture, not as thick as body butter, but compared to other body lotions, it definitely feels heavy at first.  I have to rub the product on my skin very well until it sinks in.  Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t like this heavy texture, but after the product absorbs into my skin, I can feel my skin is well hydrated.  The sticky feeling is not for too long, it probably takes just a few seconds to a minute.  It claims to heal, soothe and nourish the dry, rough, cracked and chipped skin.  I can see how the product is able to lock in moisture and relieve dry and dehydrated skin. It also contains glycerin and sorbitol to keep and maintain levels of moisture, makes the skin hydrated throughout the day.  And if you spend most of your time inside an air conditioned room/building, then having this moisturizer would be a nice thing for your skin.

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser's Texture

However, if you love a floral, fruity, or any lovely scents, you might probably find this no fragrance moisturizer not your cup of tea. The scent is kind of funky, even though it is fragrance free, if you smell your hand from a very short distance, you will be able to smell it.  I don’t mind though, it’s not unpleasant, and personally I can’t really smell it unless I put my hand right under my nose.  I will use this product  regularly for sure. Come on, I literally live with the air conditioner on every single day, this kind of moisturizer is what I need. :D

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser comes in two sizes here: 100g (IDR 75,000) and 50omL (IDR 165,000).  Go with the bigger size to save money, and if we need to take this along when traveling, just put it in a small bottle or container.  Oh, one more thing, this moisturizer is also ideal and safe for everyone, every age-even babies. One moisturizer for all.

Now moving on to Redwin Sorbolene Body Wash.  The first thing that I noticed is the scent of this body wash is nicer than the moisturizer.  It smells like milk.  I am a huge fan of milk, so it is a nice pleasure every time I take a bath using this body wash. It doesn’t dry out my skin, I can feel my skin gets the moisture that it needs. Again, I love the milk scent! *excuse me*

The body wash has a soft creamy texture. It moisturizes and also cleanses my body. My skin feels rehydrated after a shower and it maintains the skin moisture to keep it healthy.  Seriously, ladies, it feels nice on my skin.  As of now, Redwin Sorbolene Body Wash is only available in the  500mL size (IDR 165,000). The Redwin representative told us at the press conference that they will bring the  1 liter (1L)  size to Indonesia, hopefully soon.  :)

Redwin Sorbolene Body Wash

At the moment, Redwin products are available in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.  We can find them at Century, Guardian, Watson, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, The Food Hall, Daily Food Hall, Toserba Yogya, Kem Chicks, Apotik Melawai, Kimia Farma, Papaya Fresh Gallery and Grand Lucky Superstore.