Expecting the next move of B by Barli Asmara

Since his debut in designing Muslim fashion on Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 stage, B by Barli Asmara -the brand name- has extensively appeared on various shows and magazine spreads. This top-notch collection gained special attention for its distinctive and strong character, as the product of this uprising and talented IPMI designer.

Barli Asmara has been known for his continued achievements, with his avant-garde label ‘Barli’ and ready-to-wear May and June, and also one of the chosen designers in fashion pioneering program by Jakarta Fashion Week.

When it comes to Muslim fashion, Barli declared that it’s impossible for designers to be oblivious to the increasing demands and also trend of Muslim fashion, especially for women. It’s nothing abrupt that he finally releases modest and Muslim label, or just because he’s asked to. Many friends, colleagues, and his team members are hijabers, who were his inspiration behind this line. The exposure of hijab communities has also inspired a lot to his course in Muslim fashion design.




Many would interpret the ‘B’ of the label name as Barli. It was surprising enough that he left as many interpretations as possible to the public. B could mean Bold, Beautiful, Brain, Behavior (why does it sound familiar? ;p), Be Inspired, and it could also mean Bismillah.

Its premiere show in JIFW 2013 revealed 36 looks, in monochrome -black and white-, and has strong western-vintage feel. Ladylike cutting, cinched waist, enunciating women’s ‘curve’ but still adaptive to the modest look, which reminded me of those femininity glory in 1940’s. Amplified with accessories of the era, statement Victorian hat and gloves.


1940-1950's fashion silhouettes


Barli then explained that the monochrome theme, especially black and white will be the character of B by Barli Asmara. Black and white doesn’t mean boring because he further astonished us with these distinguished custom prints and extricate details.

He also pointed out that there are still many things to improve, and he’s still familiarizing himself with Islamic fashion guidelines. Especially in order to get it ready for mass production. In the near future, he’s planning to serve more customer through online shopping. Meanwhile, this collection is only available for custom order only.

So ladies, we might need to wait for some time for Barli to carry out his retail chain for B by Barli Asmara.


Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013


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