Tuesday Timepiece: The Classic Daniel Wellington

I got this as a late birthday gift from my dear brother who lives far in Canada. I honestly didn’t expect it and I was more than thrilled when he offered this.

Affi has mentioned that she loves Daniel Wellington watches. In fact, every time I see her, she’d most certainly wear this watch. And I don’t blame her. This timepiece definitely has its charm. While Affi loves hers with nato straps, I prefer mine with leather.

After much contemplating, here’s what I chose: Classic York Lady in rose gold hardware.

Anyone who knows me would know that I love details. Daniel Wellington presents their watches in an opulent and eloquent way. It came in a stylish off-white and dark brown leather covered box, with a strapped cushion to secure the precious piece. It feels exclusive, yet I can still relate to it on a down to earth level.

Onto the watch itself, well, it’s pretty much what I could’ve dreamed of. I knew right from the start I’m going to love it. It has the perfect combination of everything. It’s simple and elegant. It’s a classic that easily transcends to the modern culture. It’s sleek, yet casual.

The Classic York Lady strap is a dark brown crocodile (stamped) leather. I’ve always wanted to have a different texture of leather watch. Something that gives a little extra to plain old leather. It was a little stiff when I got it but it’s nicely softened now. The crocodile touch made this watch looks even more expensive. But, the plain eggshell watch face keeps it from being too flashy.

To compensate for multiple missed birthdays, I nicely asked my brother to get me a different leather band, in Classic St. Andrews Lady. Here’s the comparison photo:

L-R: Classic York Lady, Classic St. Andrews Lady

Classic St. Andrews has a flat brown color when laid flat. But when you bend it, you’ll see a beautiful chestnut brown coming through and make the strap looking worn out. I’m picturing this will look even more beautiful when it’s beaten out, with scratches here and there.

I wear both straps interchangeably. I chose the York crocodile when I feel neat as a pin, usually for office and meetings. I opt for St. Andrews during the weekends-it just feels more casual and not so tied up.

Changing the straps is very much straightforward, very accessible to commoners. Naturally, this makes me want to collect more of them. I’m thinking of getting another leather band in Classic Cardiff, a unique greyish brown color. Who knows, I might even jump into the nato straps bandwagon, in case I need to infuse some color and life to my outfits. However, these nato straps come in many different color combinations, making me indecisive. I could end up greedy and get all just for the sake of making sure there’s one for every outfit. Greediness aside, I’m liking Classic Canterbury, Classic Nottingham, Classic Trinity, Classic Southampton, Classic Swansea.. OK, I’m practically mentioning everything. See them here.

So, do you have a Daniel Wellington watch? Please share your favorites here!