Must-Have Shoes from La Spina; The Red Kinar Pumps

Why are these a must-have?

One, everyone needs to have at least a pair of red shoes. Red has long been associated with power. So if one day you wake up and feel like you need a confidence booster, your red shoes will do wonder every step of the way.

Two, red makes your outfit interesting. In the corporate world, we tend to wear a lot of muted-color outfits. So red shoes are just that extra little thing to make you look more alive.

Three, these Kinar shoes from La Spina are not just another red shoes. The woven bamboo and the color combination is something you rarely see in other brands. Plus, if you’ve never worn red shoes before, they are the perfect first pair as they don’t scream much attention. They are enough to make you feel fierce without forgoing about your femininety.

Four, they are comfortable. I wore this all day in so many ocassions and they never fail me.

Five, they are locally made. I don’t buy products just for the sake of supporting local brands. I buy what I like and if that happens to be a local brand, I’ll like it even more. Buying local brands make me feel like a responsible citizen and there’s that certain pride you can’t get by wearing international high-street labels.

Six, need I say more? Go get them and see it for yourself. Since Indonesia’s Independence day is coming up, why not celebrate it by wearing locally-made shoes, especially one which color resembles our flag?