198. Inside Her Bag: Dhany, Fashionese Daily Editor

As previously promised, I’ve prepared a peek into what I carry around in the Longchamp Légende . This is probably my favorite bag that I own for sentimental (my mama bequeathed it to me!) and practical (so roomy!) reasons. This is the medium-sized patent calfskin leather bag that came out in 2007 after Longchamp collaborated with English supermodel Kate Moss on a series of limited edition leather goods. Now, I’m not sure how much “collaborating” actually happened, nor do I really care that Kate Moss’ name is attached to this; in the end, a handbag’s real worth is determined by how often you use it. So if I had a dollar every time I took this bag out for some air, I could feed a small standing army for months.

The Légende is everything I enjoy about a bag: it’s understated and practical, but it also has fun little surprises like a bright red lining and more pockets than you know what to do with. It goes well with just about any outfit in my closet, which adds to its versatility, but what I love most about it is how roomy it is! This bag has served me well throughout university, carrying heavy books across campus in the dead of winter. It has also been a wonderful carry-all for the office: it’s big enough for my laptops, folders, and other shenanigans I run around the city with, but an area where it has really shined is traveling. I’ve taken this bag on countless weekend trips, and my friends are always surprised by how much stuff I can fit into it (it’s all about rolling your clothes, not folding them). It’s super sturdy and durable too, with a size is just right for the overhead compartment or space under the seat in front of you on airplanes. And as long as I’m not on the road, it’s still great for office use; utilitarianism is key!

There’s a 14-inch laptop somewhere in there!

So here’s the list of stuff that goes into the black hole that is my Longchamp Légende on office days:

  • 14-inch Acer notebook
  • 3 inches’ worth of press releases
  • Folding umbrella
  • Black softcover Moleskine planner, passport in J.Crew cover
  • House keys, medication, mints
  • Power bank, iPod Shuffle
  • MUFE pressed powder, The Body Shop travel blush brush
  • Coin purse from India for assorted cash, cards, and lipsticks