Rule Britannia! Compete and Win at the FD Style Rally!

There’s cool, and then there’s UK cool. It’s a concept that’s not very easy to put into words, and the availability of high street brands like Topshop and Warehouse in Indonesia have made it easier for us to pretend we’re walking the cobblestones of Bond Street; but we were opened to a whole new world of possibilities when the Debenhams rolled into town, bringing with them some of the UK’s most sought-after designers and their affordable spin-off lines. Debenhams came to us with the proposal of the FD Style Rally taking place on July 28th, 2013 at Debenhams Senayan City.

Just what is this Style Rally, you ask? It’s basically what it sounds like: a really fun contest that involves putting your style and shopping skills to the test! So if you think you could win an Olympic gold in shopping, this is where you can prove your prowess. Find your best shopping buddy to form a team, and you will then be given a shopping gift card from Debenhams. Each team will be given a series of tasks and challenges related to style, such as (no duh) shopping and creating a visual display at the Atrium. Points will be given based on how quickly you complete the challenges and how much money you have left at the end of the rally.

Grand prize winners will win a shopping voucher worth IDR 4 million and Samsung S4 smartphones, with vouchers also given out to second and third place winners. But in the end, everyone wins because we will conclude the evening with a Sahur Bersama where we can spend time dining and getting to know each other better. Register at the dedicated thread on Female Daily Forum and start training!

Just who are some of the designers available at Debenhams who exude that UK cool through their designs? Let’s start with some of my favorites!

H! by Henry Holland

Henry Holland is the thirty year-old founder of House of Holland, a street-style house that has been seen on English darlings like Alexa Chung and Rita Ora. Known for loud prints that would look at home in, he instilled that aesthetic into a secondary line called H! by Henry Holland. This line is the younger, flirtier, less self-preoccupied sister to House of Holland, full of cute skater dresses that can be easily toughened up with rock-inspired denim and faux leather jackets.

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson

If Henry Holland is the stylist to the likes of subversive starlets, then Matthew Williams is the go-to guy for her boho-chic world-traveler friend. He designs the type of clothing perfect for someone with romantic hippie ideals, like the flighty free spirit Jessa played by Jemima Kirke in HBO’s Girls. Williamson is so, so good with silk and he knows it. He doesn’t tone down the dyes and prints used in Butterfly, his line of women’s clothing available at Debenhams.

Star by Julien Macdonald

In 2001, this Welshman took over as Chief Designer at Givenchy, taking over a seat that had previously been kept warm by fellow Brit Alexander McQueen. But this is a Welshman not without controversies: he was once famously flour-bombed by animal rights activists who were protesting his use of fur in designs. I also think the use of animal fur in fashion is barbaric and unnecessary, but you can still enjoy Macdonald’s work by steering away from the fur racks and opt instead for his printed handkerchief dresses.

This is a very, very truncated list of designers available at Debenhams whose work I really enjoy. I could keep going, but that would mean exceeding my word count to comical levels! So if you want a shot at some of these outfits for yourself, sign up for the Debenhams Shopping Rally right now!