Recent Purchase: A Luxola Haul

Remember not too long ago, FD and Luxola partnered up to give a special code for us to shop? It was indeed a well used 30% discount.

Of course, the morning I found out, I rushed out to put items in the cart. I didn’t care that I was just about to start my makeup. I just had to put them in the cart first. Then I figured before I got greedy, I ought to give some time to rethink. So I went on and did my makeup.

On the way to the office, I was nervous and impatient. I didn’t want the items to be sold out. The traffic wasn’t helping either (yeah go figure, Jakarta). I kept browsing around in my iPhone just in case I wanted to add/remove something. By the time I got to the office, it didn’t take long for me to finally made the decision. With a fluttery heart and jittery hands, I checked out the cart.

After a short delay/issue, I finally got the long awaited package.

Edward Bess. His makeup had been on my wish list for a very long time. But in the middle of my other wish lists here and there, I never got around to get them. They’re quite expensive to begin with. I’ve been eyeing Edward Bess on Luxola ever since I discovered the website. With the 30% off, there’s no way I’m going to pass on these, again.

Between getting Edward Bess plus with that 30% discount, I would say it was indeed a wish came true, big time :D

So what did I get?

L-R: Quad Royale 03 Summer in Capri, Quad Royale 01 South of France

L-R: Ultra Luminous Bronzer #Daydream, Blush Extraordinaire #Bed of Roses

I have always read great reviews about Edward Bess products. I’m super duper ecstatic about trying them out. I think they will be a wonderful addition to my makeup collection. Do I want more? Oh yeah, I still have some items in my bucket of Edward Bess’ wish list that I haven’t ticked off yet. :D

I’m glad I checked out within that very same afternoon. Turned out, as I had expected, the blush was sold out the next day. Lucky me!

All in all, even if there was a small problem in my order, Luxola was really responsive and quick about it. The customer service was very attentive and in the end got the job done. I got the package after 2 days of it being shipped. Wow, I honestly didn’t expect it would be that fast.

So ladies, did you get anything from Luxola? Share with us here!