Lipstick Monday: It’s Irresistibly Fuchsia with Givenchy Le Rouge!

I love art and design. I love architectures, colors, shapes, textures and everything that has to do with aesthetics. Because of this, I will always look at objects differently. And I always appreciate the effort of looking good.

As with most beauty addicts everywhere, browsing for makeup is a necessity. I’m always on the hunt for new products that captivates my eyes. With Sephora just one click away from my browser, it’s impossible not to take a peek. While doing my usual routine, lo and behold, I found it. And I wanted it right away, no drama, no contemplating. It just shoots through my other wish list like a rocket.

Presenting, Givenchy Le Rouge 205 Fuchsia Irrésistible, the edgiest lipstick ever.

Edgy I say? Oh yeah! Look at the packaging! What is that black stuff? It’s genuine leather, folks. Honestly, I could smell the leather just as I pull it out of the box. Yum. I can’t stop sniffing. *inhales* The soft leather is indeed lambskin. The box card stock even mimics the leather texture.

Not just that, it has two silver studs. With the two elements together, we got a piece of art, in a lipstick.

Givenchy even made a campaign video for Le Rouge. Watch.

I love it! That’s one super cool video. The leather. I can actually almost feel it.

That being said, the leather feels a little thin and I’m actually afraid I or something else might scratch it. So I carry this with the box in the purse just to avoid anything disastrous.

Givenchy logo imprinted on the bullet

I rarely have much luck from these types of color because most of them have either too strong of a hot pink or the blue tone clashed with my skin tone. Some might even turned out to be more purple that I wanted it to be. Fuchsia Irrésistible has the perfect balance of both with a touch of red. It’s really rare to find something like this.

The formula is fantastic. It glides and adheres on effortlessly across the lips. It feels creamy with perfect slip and offers full pigmentation in one stroke. It dries off to a semi matte finish, although it looks satin at first. It’s quite moisturizing, although a lip balm and proper exfoliating are still a must for me. As for longevity, it’s up there but doesn’t stay as long as some of my other (red) lipsticks. But the stain that it leaves behind is beautiful.

One thing to note, it does have a fragrance. It lingers quite a while on the lips. Upon researching, it’s scented with mimosa and blackcurrant. It actually smells nice and very different from anything I’ve encountered.

Don’t you just love the color? It might look pinker or redder depending on the lights. But one thing for sure, it’s surprisingly versatile. It goes well with gray, army green, taupe, etc. It gives an instant brightening effect to the complexion. This looks great paired with Dior Rosy Glow blush.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this, it’s like having a new red lipstick. I’ve got a feeling I’m about to start a fuchsia craze here. :D