Hijabers, You May ‘Pick en Choose’ Your Own Style Here!



Earlier this May, I was shown a lookbook of Pick en Choose concept store, a series of models wearing mix and match outfits from several brands. Mid-length pants were not long enough to cover her legs, but then she wore colorful socks and matching shoes. Playful, and a cotton blouse, tied on the edge for the top. Another look was  3 pieces of maxi skirt, a basic long sleeve shirt and short sleeve crop top. And other looks that evoked a ‘hey, that looks fun’ thought.

That lookbook was the first face of Pick en Choose, a concept store for young women, especially, but not limited to hijabers. A multi-brand concept, so resettled in this store are more than 20 Muslim fashion brands now. But unlike any other multi-brand store, here they don’t assemble display products per brand. Instead, the clothes are arranged based on certain themes, styles or moods. Based on their selections, which is targeted for women of  late teens to mid 30s.




Managed by Trimoda Group, this store offers more than 20 brands. Among them are Look Up, Up2date basic, Folk Cloth, Fattibile, Dhiyaa, Malana, Kanaan, Aprilia, Diff, Mocca, Malika, 7 poupee, Aumone, Grasya, Mexitalia, Ra Pro, Nasywa, 3R for clothing, and there are also Inas Scarf, Square, Button Dreams, Detail Attitude, Deyn, for scarves and accessories.

Browse around displays of clothing pieces here, you’ll feel challenged to try on those made up sets around the stores. Some surprise elements frequently found. For instance, half sleeve knitted vest over stripe shirt, 3/4 length skirts, and add-ons like capuchon. Feel free to try and mix these up, for they provide comfortable and accommodating changing rooms, with accessories provided inside! So you can try which kind of scarves to fit your sets, or what shoes would nicely complement your chosen bottom. I guarantee you’ll need more than your lunch break to shop satisfyingly in this store ;)

So, if you happen to stop by FX Sudirman, please continue to F4 floor, and PICK en CHOOSE your playful outfits. ;)