Joining the Double Cleansing Bandwagon

Two weeks ago, I joined the realm of Double Cleansing.  Deszell has been encouraging me to do a new cleansing routine for months ago because she knows I have been struggling with acne.  I finally decided to do this routine because the doctor’s prescription no longer worked, prescription creams just turn my combination skin very very dry (even flaky).

Then I tried another product but still used the old routine, and my skin was came nowhere close to improving.  I wore foundation or BB Cream everyday, so there is a huge possibility my skin was not making any progress because I didn’t use the right cleansing method.  If I didn’t cleanse properly, dirt and excess product buildup on my face could have exacerbated my acne.  So I thought it was time to try to something new by doing something called double cleansing.

Let me give a comparison between my old cleansing routine and my new double cleansing routine.

My old night cleansing routine consisted of a sheet of makeup wipe, cleansing gel, toner, and moisturizer.  Now, the double cleansing routine requires more than that, meaning that I have to wash my face more than once because. The fact is, it just isn’t enough to cleanse with one gel.  The big difference I found with the double cleansing is my makeup removal method: first I use a cleansing cream, and only after that do I wash my free-makeup face with a washing cream.  My double cleansing method includes cleansing cream, washing cream, massage cream, followed by lotion, milk lotion, and cream.

I first thought that this double cleansing method was crazy cumbersome, requiring too many steps and products. But after some thought, I realize that every day I put on foundation, powder, and blush on my face, so it makes sense to add more steps to completely remove the makeup and dirt from my face.  I can’t expect one cleansing gel to do multiple jobs, right?

I’ve been giving Lisciare products for the past couple weeks, and I’ve been loving it. They have all components that I need to complete the double cleansing routine. I’ve done my “research” and have found only read good reviews about them. At FDHQ, some of the ladies are big fans of Menard, and thanks to them, I wanted to try the products even more.  Healthy skin is the goal, and I bet most of us want that as well. So even if the products aren’t cheap for me,, I think about what will work for my acne-prone skin in the long run. With that being said, I can’t just grab any random product and apply it to my face.  I need great products with great quality.

There are two types of Lisciare products, Moist and Extra Moist.  Since I have combination skin, Moist is the best option for me.  But if you have dry skin, Extra Moist will suit you better.  I know I can’t expect quick results, but my skin feels better after two weeks of use. Not only does it make my skin more supple and moist, it works wonderfully to cleanse really well.  I love the results on my skin.  To tell you the truth, the first time I realized the products were working was when I felt I had less blackheads. I used to use a nose strip twice a week to remove blackheads, but now I don’t need to use nose strip that often since I started the double cleansing method.  Even when I use the nose strip, I swear I don’t have as many blackheads as I used to. Of course I still have acne, but it’s getting better and these products are also helping to get rid of my acne scars.  I really believe the products and the new routine works!

At night I use Lisciare Cleansing Cream to remove my makeup.  I love the way it cleanses my face because the cream melts in no time and turns into oil to removes all makeup, even my waterproof mascara!  The second thing I do is use the Lisciare Washing Cream and oh, Ladies, this part is the most “challenging” part of the process because I have to create a tennis-sized ball from the foam! :D I think I will take pictures of it for the next article.  Then I massage my face using LisciareMassage Cream, followed by the Lisciare Lotion, Milk lotion, and Cream.  The morning routine is more simple because I only have to remove the products that I put on at night, add sunscreen, and only then do I apply makeup as usual.

I think my skin is in its best condition for a long time, after many ups and downs in the past couple of years. I still have flaws here and there but I’m excited to see more improvements from double cleansing routine using Lisciare products.  And as for the products, I want to say that they are investment because when it comes to the skin, I personally think it’s okay to invest more money on products that can help me to get healthy skin.

Last Saturday, we had Menard Skincare Class and some of our lovely members came to learn how to do the right double cleansing with the right amount of product, and the right techniques.  I can tell everyone had a good time learning something helpful that day. :) Will post an article about the event soon.  So stay tuned for that!

How about you? Have you tried double cleansing method, Ladies?



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