Is Clinique CC Cream Worth All the Hype?

As a big fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge for the longest time, I was very much excited when I heard about the launch of Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, which I’ve put on my ‘Wednesday Wish List’. But it didn’t take me that long to get this one. I don’t have the time to second guess myself when an offer came up for a custom purchase from the U.S; I immediately thought of this product.

While I’m not a big fan of BB Cream, because of its horrible beige tone, but the Clinique BB Cream is among one of my favourites – the other one is Kanebo Freshel BB Cream. Thus, I have big faith in the Clinique’s take on CC Cream. BB Cream for me is just a fancy way of saying Tinted Moisturiser and for most of the products out there, it feels like it. So I expect something of the same for CC Cream. Turns out, CC Cream – and I’ve also previously swatched Chanel’s CC Cream, thus I can deduct to this conclusion – feels like a thin to medium coverage foundation.

Truth be told, after a week of trying this product, it doesn’t sound as magical as how the marketing slang describes CC Cream. Especially in terms of texture and blendability, and it’s a very important thing when you’re talking about foundation. I can recommend several products that is within the same price range. But when you’re talking about the extra benefit of the added ingredients on the product, it’s something that isn’t available in most foundation. Still, it’s not something new that you can’t find in most of your skincare products, but as a product junkie, I have to admit for me the more the merrier. More antixodants and hydration? Bring it on!

OK, it’s so unlike me to start a review in a not so positive tone. But bear with me as I shed some light as to why I’m actually loving this product.

First I love it for it’s texture. It has a creamy texture that is thicker than tinted moisturiser and light coverage foundation that is water based, but it’s thinner than my medium coverage foundation. I got it wrong the first time. True when it comes to texture, it’s not as easy to blend as most foundation, but when I tried to apply it with fingers as I would do with my skincare, the application result is very smooth! So that’s the trick – leave your brush aside and go with fingers. I find applying this with brush will leave a streaky finish and a more medium coverage and slightly cakey. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m a pro when it comes to a foundation brush.

Secondly, the hydration factor is surreal! It leaves my skin extra hydrated during the day and it has that dewy effect that I’m so fond of from BB Cream. No foundation could match that dewy effect that BB Cream provides, which is why many people fell on love with it.

Thirdly, it has the right tone and shade selection. Unlike BB Cream that has horrible beige-ish tone, this one actually has good ratio between beige and pink in it (mine is “Medium Deep” shade) and the colour selection isn’t pale and even paler kind of type. It caters for women with all kind of shades. But from what I’ve heard, if you have a yellow-ish medium skin, you’re not going to find a perfect match shade with this one. I’m a NW35 for M.A.C foundation and I have no trouble with the shade I picked up.

Lastly, the coverage and longevity. Wow, I have to tell you, though it provides only up to a light-medium coverage, it covers redness very well and it lasts the whole day. I don’t even have to wear my primer.

Before, look at the broken capillaries!

After, even tone complexion and medium coverage.

Hold on, I actually have an extra point to add, it’s the broad spectrum UV Rays protection, with a notable SPF30 on the package.

So what’s not to love?

Here’s couple of tricks on how to wear it. If you only want a minimal coverage, apply it only on areas where your skin looks red or dull by tapping it. Whereas for light coverage, mix a bit of moisturiser, and it will go on lightly like your tinted moisturiser. You can even combine it with your foundation for an extra layer of coverage.

So, is this product worth to get? I got the feeling that if you have normal to dry skin, you’re going to love this product. It’s already available in Malaysia and most probably Singapore (can anyone confirm it?). Rumour has it, it’ll reach our shore by September.