Moynat: The New Trunk-Maker in Arnault’s Revival Project

I can’t remember exactly when Louis Vuitton dominated the reign of handbags market and further on starting to marks its claws to the ready-to-wear, but I remember what the brand is renowned for before it was revived by Bernald Arnault: their trunks. But there’s a new trunk maker in the Arnault’s CV and the resurrection project seems to be paving its way firmly in the streets of Paris, and that new project is called Moynat.

Moynat is, in my opinion, one of the high profile brands and ambitious project bought by Groupe Arnault, Bernald Arnaults of LVMH CEO holding company in 2010. This brand is not a new name when it comes to the leather craftsmanship, luggage and trunk-making. In fact, it was founded in 1849 and began trading in Paris’s Avenue de l’Opéra in 1869, – the same era when today’s big luxury brands such as Hermès, Goyard and Louis Vuitton were created – by Octavie and Francois Coulembier who were trunk-makers together with Pauline Moynat that has a knack for travel goods. They’re known for their finely handcrafted, made to order luggages and travel goods, as well as their innovation to be able to make trunks lighter and waterproof.

Still doesn’t ring a bell? That’s ok, girls, because unlike any other Arnault’s acquisition, this brand is not currently in operational when it was bought. It actually closed down its boutique at the Place du Théâtre Français in 1976 and any business-related operation seized to stop. Moynat was then revived from the dead when it continues its operation back in December 2011 when their boutique in 348 rue Saint-Honoré opens, which is just a stone’s throw away from both Goyard and probably its future nemesis, Hermès.

Now I will tell you why you need to pay a close attention to this brand. Because like any other luxury brands that are able to sell their leather goods that will cost you an arm and an leg, this, too, offers a high quality of products and craftsmanship, as well as compelling stories behind it. Not only that, Arnault decision to choose former Hermès bag designer, Ramesh Nair, at the helm of this promising brand seems to convey a strong message on where its headed.

But seeing the latest lineup of Moynat bags, I’m convinced that this bold move seems to take the “game” that Arnault is playing with Hermès to a whole new level than just ruffle a few feathers. It’s divine in a way that it seems to take the “discreet luxury” approach with a strong Moynat DNA and clearly defines where it stands without being too loud.

After more than one a half years in operation, it seems that Moynat is ready to take another big step by making its first expansion by way of a 250 sqf temporary boutique at Galeries Lafayette. But it doesn’t stop there. After six months, the installation that is in the form of russet-coloured metal cage securing the bags within it will travel to fashion capitals to blew the “caravan” approach that Moynat was known for as they used to showcase their creations  in World’s Fairs and early auto shows.

So, next time you’re visiting Paris, be sure to take a peek at Moynat, because I’m betting on this brand to be the next big thing.