Grazia Model Search 2013: Vote for Your Favorite Model and Win!

Do you remember the Grazia Model Search 2013 auditions that went down at fX Sudirman last week?

Do you know how intimidating it was for me–a mere plebe of common genetic stock and physical proportions–to observe these long-legged modern-day Amazons duke it out for a spot at Jakarta Fashion Week? Doyou ┬áhave any idea what sitting through a real-life catwalk audition does to someone who is prone to tripping over carpets and cracks in the sidewalk?

A small part of me feels like it should be inspired to be more model-like in manner; after hours of watching statuesque women take to the stage, I felt the need to walk like a gazelle and eat like a rabbit. Unfortunately I’m far too clumsy (and far too hungry) to ever do any of that, so I’ll just keep on walking with the grace of a three-legged water buffalo and keep on eating with the finesse of a rabid hyena.

Wild card winners strike a pose.

While it may have looked like a parade of beauties to the observer, this was proper tooth-and-nail stuff to the young women who did all the walking that day. The purpose of Grazia Model Search 2013 was to determine which ladies had the right walk and attitude to strut down the runway at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. After paring down the field and selecting three wild card winners, the judging panel was further charged with the very tricky task of whittling the 200-odd participants into a final forty. These forty are now in the running for an award called People’s F*ve 2013, and this is where you come in!

The People’s F*ve award is given to the model who has garnered the most votes from an online polling system. The winner will win prizes and an opportunity to be featured in Grazia Indonesia. So one winner and three runners-up will be selected, but there’s an incentive for you too: people who vote will stand to win some really great prizes. All you have to do is click this link, cast your vote, and you’re all done!

Are you feeling lucky? Support your favorite finalist and cross your fingers. Who knows, maybe both of you could end up winning. Good luck!