JIFW 2013: Adrianto Halim, Widhi Budimulia, and Harry Lam’s First Collection for Hijabers

Still on the topic of the first day of Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week (JIFW) 2013, three Indonesia fashion heavyweights filled their ‘first time’ stage dedicated for Muslim fashion collection. Adrianto Halim‘s vision of crisp and fresh with 16 looks in Elegance Forever. A truly fresh inspiration for Muslim women to dress in a simple, casual, and clean look. We love the color palette he threw in this collection: apple green, lime, soft orange and white- something we rarely see. You can see tunics and pipe pants in harmony that are far from boring, especially with those 3D cutting details. Definitely a DO for a wearable Muslim outfit!



Widhi Budimulia, an expert in bridal and evening gowns has also lengthened his line of batik creation with his brand, i-zen (isen, in Javanese means to fill). In this occasion batik garutan -recognized from its colorful and rather graphical pattern- was adopted into this mix and match collection. It was rather disappointing that  he used such ordinary batik patterns, thus we saw a lack of personality in the whole looks. The color and pattern combinations were also too random it reminded me of those sold in any craft and fashion bazaars. Perhaps, it was his first collection and he chose to play it safe. But considering he has an eye for detail from his bridal and evening collections, I hope that this collection will find its signature style too.



The last sequence from Harry Lam being named Goddess, was inspired by Greek goddesses from Athens. Actually we saw Greek- inspired collection on Muslim fashion stages many times. But Harry Lam’s was something our emerging Muslim fashion designer should learn from. According to the designer, this is the very FIRST time for him to design Muslim outfits, and something that he’s excited about, especially with that overwhelming trend. He chose to make what he specializes in: night and party gowns. Applause and compliments were extended upon his beautiful collection of feminine silhouettes.

In conformity with the angelic look, Harry also applied fully covered hijab in such a pretty style, which he collaborated with a hijab stylist. And we’ve seen many of such flowy silhouettes as designers tend to  translate Muslim women’s elegance and femininity into, but Harry Lam really raised the bar in design quality. Meticulous, with the finest craftsmanship- something that  should be an example for the others.