Welcome to Town Lotte Duty Free, Cotton On & Uniqlo

Coinciding with Jakarta’s birthday on June 22nd, we witnessed the grand opening of Lotte Shopping Avenue, a new place for all of us Jakartans or anyone who comes to Jakarta to shop, hang out, and indulge in food.  Lotte Shopping Avenue is run by Lotte Department Store, one of the big retailers in Korea.  The place was fully loaded with people at that time.  No wonder, actually, when you invited Super Junior members to town, it was considered very normal to see A LOT of people in that building. :)

The first store that I visited was Lotte Duty Free.  It is actually the first Lotte Duty Free store in the heart of Jakarta, whereas the first two stores are located at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.  Two of Super Junior members, Kangin and Donghae, are the brand ambassadors of Lotte Duty Free, which was why they came to Indonesia to attend the grand opening of the store.  As the first Lotte Duty Free store in the heart of this city, it quickly becomes an attractive shopping alternative for local and foreign tourists before traveling abroad.

As many of us may already know, Lotte Duty Free provides tons of products: cosmetics, perfumes, leather products, watches, jeweleries, accessories, gifts, and many more.  The store has two floors located on the 4th floor to the 5th floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue.  You can buy products in this store if you are planning to travel abroad by showing your passport and your ticket/boarding pass.  Women go crazy at Lotte Duty Free because Giorgio Armani is available in the store!