Tried and Tested: Moogoo Fresh Cream Deodorant

I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I love window shopping at drugstores. So when Watson opened a large store at Pacific Place close to my office a few months ago, I can finally go back to my old hobby of roaming the drugstore aisles. :) Immediately, I spotted a very cute product display with a huge picture of cow in the meadows. The product packaging was designed to mimic dairy products with white simple bottles and milk cartoons, with pictures of cows on the label of every product.

MooGoo is a skin care product from Australia that was launched in Jakarta back in February 2013. Its tagline, Natural Skin Care for Sensitive or Troubled Skin, is self-explanatory. It is a product range made from natural, safe ingredients for people with skin and scalp problem such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and even safe for babies with skin condition.¬†MooGoo started in the farm (hence, the excessive use of cow images on the packaging), when the founder adapted the “udder cream” commonly used in farms to help family member with skin problems. This story sounds familiar, since I’ve found other products originally used for animals/farm that have been adopted for human use.

One product that immediately attracted my attention when browsing at MooGoo’s website was the Fresh Cream Deodorant, as I’ve been looking for alternative to replace my strong, ¬†antiperspirant deodorant that sometimes irritates my skin. Unfortunately, this item is available only at MooGoo’s online shop at their Facebook page, and even there, it was out of stock! I waited for more than a month until they finally have the deodorant back in stock. In the meantime, the customer service was nice enough to send me samples of shampoo and conditioner (which I also love, but that’ll be another review) and they keep their promise to contact me once the deodorant is available. So I was excited that I could finally get my hands on this deodorant, and also super curious about the “fresh cream” business.

Contrary to its name, the deodorant is not creamy at all. It comes in a roll-on bottle with clear liquid content. Its ingredients are water, milk of magnesia, food grade thickener, Australian lemon myrtle, corn seed flour, witch hazel extract, and hops extracts. To me, the ingredients sound like they belong in a salad, and not in some body product. The deodorant claims to use no crystal, tea-tree and aluminium as its ingredients. As you may already know, aluminium is the main ingredient for antiperspirant products, used to coat the skin and block sweat glands so the armpits won’t be wet with perspiration. Meanwhile, tea tree is supposed to kill bacteria that cause odor, but sometimes essential oil isn’t strong enough to control bacterial growth.

I’ve been using this deodorant for two weeks, which includes days on business trip to Surabaya (hot) and days of organizing meetings with various government agencies (stressed out!), and I find this product works for me. I don’t experience excessive wetness on my armpits, and most importantly, I don’t stink. I’m loving the fresh scent of lemon myrtle and the cool tingle upon contact with the skin. ¬†During the first few days, I tried to be on the safe side by reapplying in the afternoon, but I found out later on that frequent reapplication is unnecessary. For me, I can safely go over 8 hours before needing another application.

I’ve tried other natural deodorants in the past, but they didn’t work for me. Usually, I would feel uncomfortable with the perspiration and become very conscious with my body odor, so I went back to my regular industrial strength antiperspirant deodorant. But this time, I can happily conclude that there is a natural deodorant that I can rely on!

This deodorant is priced at IDR 93,500 and available through MooGoo Indonesia Facebook page. I wish one day they will sell it at physical stores, so it won’t take me that long to get another one. But on the other hand, the cute cow picture on their shipping envelopes makes me smile every time. Great products, good customer service, and cuteness abound, I’m moo-ing for MooGoo!