Lipstick Monday: Aida Nurmala’s Favourite Pink Lipsticks

Aida Nurmala might be famously known for her role in the “Arisan” movies, but being an actress is not the only thing that she’s good at. As the Director of an event management and fashion consultancy company named Studio One, Aida is busy bedazzling the crowd of Jakarta with her creative and fashion forward fashion show and events. Her company provides services for brands or companies  to create fashion shows, product launching, grand opening and gala dinners, to name a few. So as the face of the company, it’s no surprise that she always looks so fabulous all the time. It’s always entertaining to see her style whenever I see her during events because she’s always dressed with character and always manage to make it completely her own. But that is probably another story and another article to write. For now, let’s focus on her choice of lipsticks.

Last year, Aida was chosen as sort of ambassador for the YSL Forever Youth Liberator skincare range and from what I’ve heard from her is that she’s been in love with the line because it’s really good and able to maintain her skin to its prime condition. So it’s no surprise that her current favourite lipstick is also from YSL. It’s hard not to fall in love with this beauty brand, because not only they create such an amazing skincare, but their makeup is also good. Especially the lip products! From the lovable lipstick of YSL Rouge Volupte to the much talked about YSL Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres’ Glossy Stain. Both happen to be Aida’s picks for our ‘Lipstick Monday’.

Why does she love this shocking pink lipstick? Simply because it’s bright and it surprisingly suits her skin tone very well. I thought that this colour is going to be too cool for Asian skin, but looking from Aida’s picture, it’s just the perfect bright pink – that is not fuchsia – for Asian skin. It actually has the right cool tone for our skin.

But here are two reasons of why you need to love both of the products: it’s non drying and feels hydrating on the lips and the colours are very pigmented! Especially for the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis, it’s really a nice liquid lipstick/stain to have because the stain effect makes the colour last longer. That’s why it’s a brilliant idea to combine the two products together that have similar tone for longevity. Thanks for the tips, Aida!