Today’s Outfit; The Exciting Islamic Fashion Fair

The biggest fair for Islamic fashion had passed more than 2 weeks ago, and now we’re moving towards another Islamic Fashion Week, initiated by Kompas-Gramedia group. Yes we’re already there. Indonesia IS indeed the world’s Muslim fashion center, no doubt about that.

So, have you finished browsing all the articles and photos of IIFF 2013? To make it easy, you can easily visit to see the photos and articles from the fair. Looking back, I’m so happy to see the development of Islamic fashion in Indonesia. It was the 4th IIFF and we’re showing more and more enhancement in quality and industry awareness in this field. Huge players in Muslim fashion indicate higher competitiveness, resulting a  guaranteed  enhancement of quality of our industry. There’s still a lot to do: brand strength and awareness, only few brands owned these, among hundreds of renowned players. Trend, customer education in steering their personal styles, remains the biggest homework for the industry stakeholders.

We’re very optimistic, Islamic fashion will become one of Indonesia’s best resources.

Back to IIFF, together with Clozette Daily during the fair, we tried to capture tons of stylish hijabers. It was an amazing and inspiring experience  to be able to snap their fashion styles. Creativity has no boundaries, which resembles the IIFF 2013 theme:  Style Unlimited. Browse around, explore your style as it has no limit, except one rule: shariah.

I had about 3 days of journalist duty, out of the 4 days event. Those days were so packed, so it was hard to find a spot to take pictures.


DAY 2: inner+shawl: Square | unbranded Korean top | knit vest: (X) S.M.L | jeans: Zara | bag: Longchamp | boots: Romanz Joseph


DAY 4: shawl: HijabOnlineStore | top: Minimal | bolero: Cache-Cache | pants: Bershka | bag: Longchamp | flats: Elle



Closer look on the HOS shawl. One of my holygrails. Anyway, do you see my bump? Oh, of course not :D The overloose Korean style top, and Minimal net layer top are the perfect items to conceal it ;)