Travelers Daily Ready to Jet-Set Tomorrow!

How many of you ladies already know about our new sister site? Travelers Daily is the newest member of the Female Daily Network family! :) Travelers Daily is a one-stop destination for female travelers, and it provides lots of articles about places around the world, traveling tips, and what activities you get up to in a new city. It will also be a hub of travel stories and tips on what delicious foods to go for in any given geographic coordinate!

If you love traveling or are looking to start a new journey, you’re going to love Travelers Daily because it’s loaded with so much great information. Where do you want to go? Asia, Australia, America, or Europe? And if you haven’t seen much of Indonesia’s natural beauty, Travelers Daily will share all of that too. I really am excited to see more from our sister’s site in the future. Just reading article after article already has spurred on my inner traveler! Thanks to them, my list of future travel destinations just keep getting longer and longer :D

To celebrate the birth of Travelers Daily, we would like to invite you to join the Travelers Daily Launch Party tomorrow, at Flight Experience Indonesia, Gandaria City, 6 PM. All you need to do is register yourself here and go with the blue-themed dress code! You don’t want to miss the party, because there will be great goodie bags, contests, and tons of awesome prizes: shopping vouchers, tickets to musicals, hotel vouchers, and travel vouchers worth millions! ¬†And the launch party is not going to be without a fantastic grand prize, so ready to know what the grand prize is? A 3D/2N trip to Hong Kong. How fun!

So, join us in giving a great big welcome to Travelers Daily, the online travel resource for women, by women. See you tomorrow!