Today’s Outfit: Accidental Twinning!

You know how when you put a group of women under one roof, their menstrual cycles start to synchronise? I think we’re experiencing the same thing here at the Female Daily Network headquarters, except that we’re experiencing synchronising on a sartorial level!

I walked into the office last week and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was dressed in more or less the same getup as Kila, our resident Motion Graphic Designer. Decked out for a day at work in an loose-fitting t-shirt, skinny jeans, scarves, and brown boots, we were two sides of the same casual Friday coin.

On Kila (left): Shirt from Hong Kong | Leggings from Hong Kong | Scarf from Rumah Mode. On Dhany: Shirt from Mango | Leggings from Supreme | Scarf from Biyan.

We even have our arm-parties down pat! On Kila: Watch from ODM. On Dhany: Watch from Nixon.

These boots were made for rocking. On Kila: Shoes from Bandung. On Dhany: Shoes from Nine West.