Can’t Get Enough of: Lipsticks!

So we’re back with the series of never ending obsessions. I’ve brought in not just one, but three lovely FD members, tika89, bundanaima and Saralovefashion. In today’s post, we are going to share about lipsticks.

As we all know, lipsticks are one of the easiest ways to lit up your complexion. Every makeup brand carries them. There are myriads of them to choose from; colors, finishes, textures, and formulas. The variety are endless. Owning one or five, is usually not enough. I can agree to that.

Let’s get started! Warning, it’s going to get long. After all, what’s an obsession without it?

tika89's collection; lots of reds

How long have you been collecting lipsticks?

(T): About one year, maybe one and a half. It started when one day I feel that my lips look pale and flat, and I started buying tinted lip balms. The rest is history. :D

(B): I’ve been buying lipstick since my teens at the age of 16, but really collecting them only started around 3 years ago, when I was having my second child. It’s one of my pregnancy cravings.

(S): About a year ago. Started with my pregnancy cravings and addiction of red lipsticks.

How many do you have now? Don’t skimp! :p

(T): Around 75! My mother doesn’t even know I have this many. Don’t tell her! Hahaha.

(B): As per today, I have 75.

(S): About 100. LOL.

some of bundanaima's collection

bundanaima's favorite lipsticks are from Burberry and Chanel

What catches your eye when buying a new one? What’s your weak spot?

(T): Bold colors. I’m so weak for reds, thanks to the ladies at the Red Lips thread. I am also a sucker for chubby pencils! I feel the need to try out one from every brand. Oh, and lip stains, because they’re effortless.

(B): The packaging! And then the brand. As much as I love packaging, but if the brand doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t buy it. And I always look for pinks first every time I’m on the hunt for new lipstick(s).

(S): The bullet design and color. Every time I’m eyeing on one, I’d search for reviews everywhere. The perfect ‘racun’ is on FD. I usually ended up want to get everything.

Record speaking, what’s the most number of lipsticks that you ever purchased at one go?

(T): Five. It was at Changi Airport, went a bit crazy on Revlon lipsticks! And a few months ago I bought 10 in three days.

(B): Seven, I think. It was when I just started to love red lipsticks about five months ago, so I bought 7 red lipsticks from different brands.

(S): As I remembered, about 10 or more.

Saralovefashion's collection

and she keeps them in her mini fridge.

How do you store them? Do you carry them in your makeup pouch?

(T): I store them in a container I bought from ACE Hardware. It fits more that I thought! Daily, I have about 3-5 lip colors in my daily pouch. When I go on trips, it’s so tough to choose! I usually end up with around 7-10 in my pouch.

(B): I’m currently using this metal drawer that supposedly used for stationery or office supplies, but I am thinking of getting new acrylic ones.

(S): I put them all in a box & store it in my mini fridge. No special purpose, I just like the cold refreshing sensation. And to prolong the lipsticks’ shell life.

How do you pick what to wear everyday? Do you rotate them? How?

(T): I usually separate the class-friendly colors from the bolder colors. I usually wake up late, so I just grab a safe, low maintenance color like Revlon’s Balm Stain in Honey. For weekends, I build my entire face around my lip color. I usually think about what lipstick I want to wear in the shower. LOL! It just depends on my mood! Sometimes I feel like wearing something light and airy, sometimes I feel sultry and want a dark red.

(B): I usually pick the newer ones, out of excitement. After that I just pick another that I rarely wear. I just go by my mood, basically.

(S): I pick the color & choose the texture finish randomly based on my mood and my outfit that day.

tika89's top 3: Burberry Lip Velvet #Fuchsia Pink, Dior Addict Extreme #Plaza, Mac Chili, Maybelline Moisture Extreme #Coral Pink (honorable mention)

Tell us your top-three wish list.

(T): Givenchy Le Rouge(!), Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait, and Bésame Cosmetics red lipsticks.

(B): Tom Ford, Cle de Peau, and Sisley. I’m dying to get my hands on these luxurious lipsticks, just to get the feel of them.

(S): Tom Ford #Diabolique, Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait #Colère, and Burberry Lip Velvet #Peony Rose

Saralovefashion's favorites: Burberry Lip Velvet #Pink Apricot, MAC Chili, Rouge Bunny Rouge #Word of Mouth, Too Faced La Creme #Razzle Dazzle Rose, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #400

Any memorable memories (good or bad) with any of these lipsticks?

(T): Buying the Burberry! My first high end red! It’s such a great memory. I remember being bummed because the other reds are out of stock. So I bought the Fuchsia Pink, and I love it a lot more that I thought I would! I remember every moment wearing it, gives me a huge boost of confidence.

(B): I remember when I wore my Chanel La Fascinante, it was the first time a woman actually came up to me and said I looked pretty. That really made my day :)

(S): I remembered that I loved to play around with my mother’s makeup. And I loved lipsticks the most. The packaging was eye catching with butterflies, square, round, etc. I could twist it up and down plus there were a lot of colors. My mother used to scold me for wearing her lipstick during play date with my cousin. And last but not least, one of the sellers over MP (Mimo), made a comment that the last 3 of my orders were all lipsticks! :D


So, from pregnancy cravings to simply want to perk up the lips, there’s always a reason to get a new lipstick. There’s just something special about opening a new one, admiring the freshly-molded bullet, smell the scent and apply it in front of the vanity.

Sounds familiar? ;)