Blast to the Past: Reminiscing the Heydays of 90s Kids

Do you still remember what shenanigans you got up to in the ’90s? What did you like to wear back then? Neon-colored leggings and sneakers? Tucked-in shirts with jeans or trousers? The bare midriff top? Or even the grungy plaid shirts with Doc Martens boots? I can see you nodding your heads, ladies. We will bet  that those were the styles you religiously wore during those glorious days! ;)

A few months ago, I attended the book launch of @Generasi90an and brought a copy of the book to the office. As everyone at FDHQ grew up in the same decade, we love how this book brought so much laughter by letting us reminisce about the past. Grouped into six chapters, the book instantly took us down the memory lane of what Generation Y watched, heard, wore, read, and played. It illustrates nearly everything we thought we forgot about, from  memorable scenes on the silver screen (remember how Atun got stuck on Engkong’s tanjidor in Si Doel Anak Sekolahan?), to our favorite gadgets (“Tidit.. Pagerku berbunyi…”), to hot catchphrases of the day (Main gembot bikin pusing, dulu gembrot kok sekarang langsing!), to fashion styles that you used to love.

Who here used to tie plaid shirts or parachute jacket around their waist? It’s time to ‘fess up! :D

The It-watch: Baby G! A quoted from the book, “Ini jam ibaratnya kaya naik haji bagi generasi 90an. Wajib punya bila mampu!”.

And that ‘sinful’ tattoo choker necklace! I actually owned two of them! *blushing*

If reading the book wasn’t enough for you to recall the heyday of the 90s generation, then you mark your calendars for this most awaited event.


What: Mesin Waktu Generasi90an

When: Saturday, 29 June 2013 – starts from 17.00

Where: Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta.

Who: P-Project, Let’s 90, Pure Saturday, and many more surprises!

Entrance Fee: Rp 50.000,-

Kebahagiaan itu sederhana, nostalgia salah satunya, dan di sini mesin waktunya. Let’s ride the time machine, ladies!