One Stop Destination for the Electronic Savvy: Panasonic’s Liberty to Live Better

Panasonic held an exhibition called Liberty to Live Better from June 13 – 16, 2013.  I believe that at the time of this article being published, there will be three days left until the exhibition ends.  It takes place at Atrium Senayan City, displaying a lot of Panasonic’s products.  Through this exhibition, Panasonic wants to show their commitment to the electronic market by producing new innovations to make our daily activities easier.

Panasonic Liberty to Live Better is a one stop destination for anyone wanting to know all things techy from the brand.  One of them is the Smart VIERA, Panasonic’s smart TV with many helpful and interesting features.  We can connect the TV to Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads through an app called Viera Remote that we can download at the Google Play and Apple Store.   Editing photos, displaying presentation in a meeting room, watching a video, or screencapping a TV show can be done easily with the Panasonic Smart VIERA.

Panasonic’s Brand Ambassador, Atiqah Hasiholan, was there to lead the “tour” and participate in a cooking demo.  For those of you who love to cook, there will be cooking lessons every day in the afternoon (around 12 – 1PM) this weekend, so if you don’t have plans to go out yet, it could be a good idea to visit the Panasonic Liberty to Live Better exhibition.

And of course the beauty section came calling me non-stop! :D  Some of us got a hair makeover and were given the chance  use Panasonic’s Beauty Appliances ourselves.  If you’re interested in these beauty tools from Panasonic, you’d better come to the exhibition because they have ‘em all: eyelash curler, pore cleanser, epilator, hairdryer, ionic steamer, straightener, even the handy toothbrush! Try them out yourself and love it :)

Panasonic's Beauty Appliances

The interesting events didn’t stop there.  I heard Panasonic will be holding quizzes and games for visitors as well, and there will be entertainment from an acoustic band show as well as a modern dance.  So it will be an entertaining and educative exhibition where we can enjoy the shows and learn how to use the products there.  I do have my eyes on the nanocare hairdryer. Deszell told me how good the product is, and she just makes me want it more.  I also want the epilator because if I can get rid of unwanted hair without going to the salon regularly, I’m totally sure I will love it (basically I love anything practical :p).  And here is the other good thing: I noticed some products are discounted, so why would you miss out on that?  :)