Witnessing The Birth of Intel 4th Gen Processor at Computex 2013!

I went to Taipei last week for Computex 2013, the largest computer and technology event in the world, second only to CeBit in Germany. I was invited by Intel Indonesia to come and experience Intel’s latest technology in both computing and mobile devices.  Yes, you read it right, Intel has taken the mobile device market seriously with the launch of Lenovo K900, the first smartphone that has the Intel Atom Clover Trail+ technology. I was so happy when I knew that I was going to witness the launch of the fourth generation processor, along with so many techies. Truth be told, I felt a bit intimidated at first, being there with tech journalists, reviewers, and analysts from around the world, but I managed to get over it (kinda). The best part is, these fellow Indonesian journalists and reviewers were willing to help me comprehend all the techie terms I had been hearing all week. So I want to take a minute to say thank you to Mas Dimas (Jagat Review), Mas Erry (Info Komputer), Oik (Kompas Tekno), Wiku (Trenologi), and Firman (Teknojurnal) for all the help. Thank you so  much, guys!  :)

Now back to the main event! On June 4th, 2013, Intel Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Marketing Group, Tom Kilroy, introduced the fourth generation Intel Core processor, codenamed Haswell. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details of Haswell’s microarchitecture, although its certainly deserves its own article :p

Being there listening to Tom Kilroy’s presentation made me realize how fast technology is evolving.  Flashback to 2001, Intel announced the Pentium 4 and several years later in 2008, the first Netbook were announced. Then in 2011, Intel declared that they were going “Reinvent The Notebook,” and reinvent it they did. The launch of the first generation Ultrabook caught our attention immediately. Ultrabook’s slim design and portability has segued its way into our lives, eliminating the need of heavier laptop and marking a new era of mobile computing.

Our significantly increased digital habits such as connecting, shopping, watching, and gaming has been the driving force behind manufacturers’ induce the development of a wider range of products and their hybrids to meet our increasing needs. From the humble phone, PC, and tablet, we now have the Phablet (a hybrid between phone and tablet), 2 in 1 (a hybrid between laptop and tablet) and AIO ( All In One, a new breed of PC that offers sleek and thin design with over the top performance). To keep up with these broad range of products and a more demanding consumer market, Intel has come up with the excellent Bay Trail T SoC (system on a chip) designed specifically for tablet (coming soon in holiday 2013) and Merrifield SoC (Q1 2014) for the next generation smartphone.

So why does having these new SoCs seem so important? Well, having Bay Trail T SoC in your tablet simply means that your tablet will have much better graphics, allowing you (and me, to be exact :p) to do more 3D gaming *yipeeee!!*. It will also deliver twice the performance capabilities than the current SoC. Also, having Bay Trail T inside your tablet means…. *drumroll*  8+ hours of battery life on active usage! Yes, that’s something to celebrate about, alright. It means no more going into cafes and buying expensive tasteless coffee just to find a power plugs *evil grin* :D

And what about Merriefield? It will definitely make your smartphone even smarter. Intel promised 50% more performance than the current Clover TrailSoC, which in my humble opinion is already awesome *waving to the soon-to-be-mine Lenovo K900*.  Smartphones with Merrifield will also deliver you data and privacy protection through its integrated Sensor Hub, which is an interesting way for the smartphones to use its sensors without consuming too much battery power. Maybe they will come up with  an eye-based sensor? Or a finger-based sensor?  I will keep you updated as soon as I hear about it.

Last but not least, Intel has to my surprise also announced that Bay Trail T tablets price points will start from US$ 199! I guess it’s a good thing that I patiently waited this long to get myself a tablet and change my smartphone (yes, my current smartphone had passed its 6 months now!). Things are just keep getting better with Intel inside! :)

Oik, Mas Dimas, Mas Erry, Me, Firman and Wiku

  • AffiFD

    Gue hanya mengerti 30% dari yang elo tulis di sini Put! I guess I need to geek out more hahaha But I am so looking forward to the BayTrail T SoC tablet that you mentioned here!

    • Ayu Putri

      Hahahaha Kak Affi 30% is a good sign!! :D Bay Trail T tablets will be available by the end of the year…I can help you choose which one to buy, as long as I am allowed to try it for at least a week (for article of course) !!:D

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