Backstage Chats: Major Minor in Three Words

Here at FD we constantly strive to bring you new content through different online mediums, and this is our heartfelt go at keeping things fresh by way of a new mode of delivery: video interviews! Our new Backstage Chats series are conversations that we’ve conducted with professionals in the fashion industry, whether it be designers, models, or magazine editors. We’re extremely excited to roll this series out and hope these interviews are informative and eye-opening to these keeping a close eye on the Indonesian fashion scene.

Our first instalment of this ambitious column is a conversation with the awesome foursome behind Major Minor. This power team is composed of husband-wife duo Ari and Sari Seputra, as well as Esmod Jakarta graduates Ambar Pratiwi and Inneke Margarethe. Ari Seputra is a powerhouse in the local fashion scene, having already established himself as a major player in the business after establishing his eponymous line more than a decade ago. His wife Sari manages the business dealings of the brand after moving on from a career in law. Ambar Pratiwi and Inneke Margarethe are two Esmod Jakarta graduates who were recruited straight out of graduation, and we had the pleasure of speaking to all four of them at their Gandaria headquarters, which houses their office and and work space for their master tailors. Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite!

The last time we caught Major Minor in action was back at Audi Fashion Nation Pret-a-Party. They rolled out a collection that kept to the Major Minor aesthetics: clean, simple, and understated chic.

Major Minor opened a store of their own at Plaza Indonesia’s eX Center and are stocked in a slew of department stores all over Jakarta. They can also be found in department stores overseas, with their hangers representing Indonesian creativity in Singapore’s Isetan and London’s Harvey Nichols. Not bad at all for a line that was launched in 2011!

When we spoke to the Major Minor team, I was mostly interested in learning about the process behind presenting a uniform vision with four independently creative individuals at the reins. We also spoke plenty about the challenges they face as a fairly new player in the Indonesian ready-to-wear industry, and what advice they have for aspiring designers. So here’s the video interview with the team, but keep an eye out for follow-up videos. Our thanks go to everyone at Major Minor for allowing a peek around their space, so watch this space for Parts 1 and 2 of Backstage Chat: Major Minor!

Mbak Sari, Inneke, Ambar, and Mas Ari